A Redguard I made a week or so back. I’m calling him Dagir Crowe, no reason behind it, ‘Dagir’ is kinda Redguardy but it’s mostly a play on dagger, which is probably what I’ll use with him. And Crowe sounded bad ass and I wanted a character with that in his name. I might change his eye color back to hazel. I think for a background I want him to be like a guardian of a young girl who he’s been separated from during a fight wear he was badly wounded and found himself in Skyrim.

Had to make another character cause, ya know, I make soooo much progress with Julien, who in my current file he hasn’t even gone to high hrothgar :D.

Might tie Saadia into his background too. Iunno.

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Uploaded by greyblood at 5:00, 14 Feb 2014


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