Well, this is about 4 hours worth of work. I've never modded...or really spent any time in a 3d modeling program. I have no idea what I am doing. I cant find tutorials to say the life of me so I stuff.

But I like it.

What I eventually PLAN on doing is having this armor for the Dream Girl is 7 pieces of armor I think, maybe 9 if I decide to do gloves and boots...right now its hooded fut coat, a hooded chainmail under armor thingy, a blouse/shirt, a....corset plate thingy, a belt, a skirt, and a pair of leather pants. I like mixing and matching so all items are separate, you can wear all pieces like whats pictures (rather bulky but designed that way) or just one or two or three items...they all stack, so there should be lots of combinations. Also I like really elaborate textiles so...

The concept is a wanderer/merchant/adventure, suited for the harsher aspects of Skyrim. So some chainmail/armor plating for protection and the fur hood combined with pieced-together looking clothing items, fitting for someone always out on the road, never settling down. ...

This is just the low poly (obviously)....I havent added in any details or textured it or anything like that. I dont even know why I am sharing it tbh, lol.

I hope it all works out. It is fun. But I am working 60 hour weeks these days so I dont have much time at all....hopefully it gets day.

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