So, here is just a first draft of the Mystra WorldMap, wich I'm using to create the universe of my mod "Relics of Mystra" ... As you can see, there is 2 factions, one whose the capital is Elysea, and the other in Sadraak. These capital have the name of their region ; Elysea is a beautiful continent, with green forest, pure waters, and with a rich wildlife. On the other side, there is Sadraak, wich is in the shade of Uhrolg-Dhur ; it's a volcanic region, looks like a desert, and there is a no man's land near the volcano...
Your adventure begin at Port Kharis, wich is the last StrongHeart Stronghold.


Since immemorial times, there are legends. Legends like Dragonborn, are knowed by everyone. These legends can persist, as there is someone to teach us what is this legend.
But, sometimes, old lost legends resurface, when no one is prepared. These legends, wich were forgotten since a long time, are yet the the more terrible.
An old confict is going to had an impact in our world of Skyrim.
High, in the sky, where no one -even the dragon-, can go, two legions, darkness and light, corruption, and justice, these two ideals are fighting for an old Temple. Before, the legend was talking about this. But now, this knowledge have been lost. However, there is someone, who have never forgot. He was waiting his time. And his time has come. He must find someone who can stop this old conflict, before it's become too dangerous.


-An entire world to explore :
- 1 Continent ; More than 10 towns ; 2 planes (like sovngarde and soul cairn... well... you know what I mean, huh ?...) ; 2 warzones ; 1 Epic Fight : 2 Boss. ; 3 player home.
-3 factions to join, as you want. Will you choose the Justice, the Corruption, or the humility way ?
-Some custom armors and weapons (... but absolutely not sure as I don't know how to use Nifskope aside to link textures for meshes) [See the End of the description]
-Quest, fully voiced (in french only at the moment... looking for some who would like to voiced the dialogs in english)
-Some memorable sequence (


-And many other I still don't know !


P.S : When you join a faction, on the battleground, you can get some badge on the dead corpses of your ennemies. You can swap these badge for some armor, potions, etc...

And, if someone could explain me how to make a good texture, because REALLY, I am quite useless on it... Thanks in advance...

Oh, last thing ! Why don't you give me tyour opinion ? It's really important for me... too keep the smile you know... ;)

You can look my other pictures too. They are not perfect, but some of them are, I think, quite pretty... But that's only my opinion, and YOUR opinion is better than mine !

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