This is Gerard, a new character I've been playing for a while now. He's an archer/ranger type of character, favouring the bow mostly, though I plan to get his abysmal melee skills leveled up at some point. If it comes to melee though, it means I've not done archery correctly, so those skills being low is actually a good thing...kind of.

More importantly, mods. I made this character because I wanted to finally give Frostfall a try, along with Realistic needs and diseases. It's added a whole new dimension to the game, the only thing I can really say about those two mods is try them if you haven't already. Frostfall brought me what is possibly my best "Skyrim moment" ever, in that I was caught outside Windhelm, wet, in a snowstorm. I just barely managed to stumble inside Candlehearth Hall to warm up, seconds away from becoming a Breton Popsicle.

Finally, I've installed an ENB. Phinix Natural ENB to be exact. I'm loving it so far, dungeons are much, much darker when used with Climates of Tamriel, but I'm getting used to it and it does make dungeon crawling a somewhat more tense experience.

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