I have a new computer and figured it was time for a new adventure in Skyrim.

This is Roland, he's an archer of sorts. Not the sort that snipes you from a mile away and then slips away without a sound, rather the sort who shoots you in the back, taunts you, then waits for you to step into a rune spell. Should you miraculously survive for long enough to get within shanking range, expect a punch to the face and another arrow as a going away present.

This is an old(ish) image, Roland has gotten a bit further now, so far he's been a ton of fun to play. The heavy armor lets me stay in the action without all that cowardly skulking around and running away. Destruction magic and alchemy lets me ruin people's days with all manner of nasty poisons and spells, rune traps for the most part. And finally restoration lets me heal myself, while laughing at the moron who just stabbed his last adventurer. I don't even carry a melee weapon or shield, I simply don't need anything beyond my bow and my spells.

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