(For the beginning of the story look at my other photo "The Outcast")

When Vin set off on his Journey from Dawnstar to look into the Rumors of Helgen he never imagined that he would ever have to kill. But when he falls into a hole in the ground he discovers that beneath Skyrim's beautiful Surface lies the dark twisted caverns. Home to the Falmer. Blind twisted creatures. Once the Beautiful and proud Snow Elf's the met the ultimate betrayal. He barley managed his first encounter with the beasts. And then he found it. A bow. He had never shot one before. Vin stayed in his own little secluded section of the cave for days. Surviving off of bugs and puddles. Disease struck. Starvation was closing in fast. But he fought against all odds and taught himself how to shoot straight.

And then the day came. He fought his way out. Blood spattering the walls of the cave. New scars left on his flesh. And left in his memory. When he broke through the caves entrance and the smell of fresh pine struck him. He always heard stories of the dangers of Skyrim's Wild. He knew that if his journey were going to continue he would need the proper gear. A bow and a pickaxe weren't going to cut it.

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