Finaly! L0rd0fWar managed to get it in game. The name of The Armor will be "Armor of Intrigue" suggested by my dear friend Natterforme. I saw many people complain that they don't like that The Armor is too "overworked" or on the other hand it has too many "stuff" attached to it. Now you can craft what you want for it and the list will be :
1. Badges
2. Lockpicking tools
3. Daggers
4. Potions
5. Keys
6. Bags/Pouches
7. Small bag
8. Satchel

The mod will be soon released by me and L0rd0fWar. Let me know what you think about the name of The Armor and also your opinion of the separation of The Armor and of course the overall opinion and critique of it. There are still some issues to be fixed but it will be ready soon. Also you can soon expect the female version for my "Crimson Ranger Armor".
Comment & Endorse if you like.


P.S The screenshot was taken without any ENB's.

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