Finally, i got a low memory use package working and well, all i need to do is add the Memory upgrade and i van up the texture quality from High to Very high and shadows from 512x512 medium settings to rediculus.....
Now it is just waiting for thje memory.

P.S., memory ussage for running while running 181 pluggings
2Gig DDR stable....... wel sortof, i have one perssitant problem i can't figure out, if i zone after atleast one hour play (think it is closer to 2 hours) and zone into the next (the games quick save it does do) it closes the game completely.

Dunno if i am allowed so much space to writte in but i'dd like to post the list with mods, if so please like or leave a responce please (for either my games problem or the mod listing).

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Uploaded by Bashumgood at 20:29, 5 Mar 2013


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