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  • Erlina

    1: Download mod manually
    2: Extract "Erlina.jslot" to somewhere you'll remember
    3: Cut/copy the jslot file.
    4: Navigate to your presets folder ( C:/Program files (x86)/Steam/Steamapps/Common/The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim/Data/SKSE/Plugins/Chargen
    5: Paste in chargen folder
    6: Load up a new Skyrim save
    7: Open the console ( tilde, "showracemenu")
    8: Select a female high Elf
    9: Click on presets
    10: Hit F9 and select Erlina.jslot


  • Traduccion de Fishing in skyrim de Arodicus

    Traducción de este gran mod que añade herramientas de pesca y mas, primera traducción de mi parte asi que disculpen los errores xd...

  • Loose Animation Reference

    So this is just here for the FAQ, it's what each animation file in the "Skyrim\Data\Meshes\actors\character\animations\NAR" folder reference too

    What each animation relate to it's a bit complicated due to the way FNIS works with animations groups, things are all over the
    Rapier animations start with "NAR0_1hm_", "NAR0_Sneak_1hm", "NAR0_dw1hm1hm_" and "NAR0_mlh_" also
    "NAR0_1hmlefthand_attackpowerforwardsprint.hkx" is part of the Rapier
    1hm group, There's no block animations for the Rapier
    For the left hand dagger parrying with a Vanilla or no weapon in Right hand, there's only two animations:  "NAR1_dw1hm1hmblockbash.hkx"
    and "NAR1_dw1hm1hmblockbashintro.hkx"
    My Two handed an...

  • FAQ

    If you're having animation, install, or other issues with my mod check out my other article A few fixed for common issues

    Q: I don't like certain weapons can I download them separately
       A: Download the Scripted Levelled list version then in the MCM menu you can turn weapons and features on and off

    Q: Are your weapons effected by perks/Which perks do your weapons use
    A: All my weapons benefit from vanilla perks
           Rapiers get Sword perks
           Pikes get Great sword Perks
           Halberds get 2 Handed Axe Perks
           Quarter Staffs get War hammer Perks
           Claws get Dagger Perks

  • TARDIS - My Poem


    A Promise of Comfort and Joy
    By Benka Malinson

    Found in the TARDIS Regurgitated plugin

    With clothes removed and pilled aside,
    A small boy waited to be taken inside.
    Extending and spreading all glistened and red,
    stuck a tongue of a wolf like an inviting bed.

    Staring with glares of distressing concerns,
    He enraged a belly that retorted with burns.

    Shivering naked the boy did stand,
    Invited a look with a loving hand.

    Comfort and joy the wolf did promise,
    A place inside to warm little Thomas.

    Lost and frightened the boy did reveal,
    A place of welcome the wolf did appeal.

    With a tongue co...

  • TARDIS - Pacifism The Doctor of Peace


    TARDIS - Pacifism The Doctor of Peace

    From the TARDIS Regurgitated Mod

    What kind of idiots play Skyrim thinking they can be hero's without killing anything?

    Is it even possible to join the Dark Brotherhood without getting a kill recorded on your rap sheet?

    For the paciest play-through, it is not so much done with the idea that all life is sacred as much as it is 
    on the challenge itself. Thus, as long as the kills in your combat rap sheet are all zero's then your good.

    Using the Mod  Less Aggressive Animals would be best in that it not only makes creatures of skyrim
    less aggressive for easier paciest play, but actually makes them behave much more realistically.

    In the TARDIS entryway I pl...

  • Mistmarch- A Riverwood player home

    The Player home introduces a lore friendly home in which the player can reside without being interrupted, stolen from, and so forth. You can store your valuables here, as well as crafting anything your adventures and questing may require, from enchantments to armor, to weapons. Rest up, gather your gear, and conquer tamriel. This home is just a place for you to rest and take a break between adventures or in any downtime you may have. Enjoy the atmosphere of Riverwood, the friendly people, the beautiful scenery, and your safe home, tucked away on the side of a mountain, and fenced off from intruders. A great home for mages or warriors alike, enjoy.

  • A few fixes for common issues

    Install issues, Animations not working issues

    This is not a defacto guide for problem solving but here's some thing to try if you're having some issues with animations not playing etc

    Someone had an issue where they had an older version of Vortex which downloaded a corrupted version of my mod, make sure your Mod manager's are up to date

    You need SKSE and SkyUI for my mod to work

    Did you install the mod correctly? there needs to be a NAR folder in your Data\Meshes\actors\character\animations folder

    Make sure the Mod is turned on in the MCM menu

    Make sure the Quest is running via the console commands, you can try restarting the quests to fix this, type the following into the console

    stopquest ...

  • TARDIS Regenerated - Expansion Update With Fixes


    TARDIS Regenerated - Expansion Update With Fixes

    From the TARDIS Regurgitated Mod.

    TARDIS Regurgitated picks up where TheShatteredSteel left off bringing you long awaited fixes and updates.
    New features such as the Auto Pilot will toggle the flight controls for you, leaving you free to leave the flight
    deck to do other things.

    New effects such as landing tremors, new sounds and new TARDIS materialization effects have also been
    added. Apart from fixing the broken custom location and other menu problems, you will also find new travel
    features such as programmable fast travel buttons for more common travel points.

    You will not only find a greatly improved custom interior layout, but many more rooms such as...

  • TARDIS Face Sculptor

    TARDIS Face Scupter

    Say like you wake up one morning and say, 'hey, maybe I should comb my hair.'

    But wait, there are no combs in Skyrim and the only way your combing that ugly hair is to pay some creepy dude
    found in a rat hole of a bar 1,000 gold; and that's only after getting through the many traps and thugs who would rather smash
    that head than comb it.

    Say no more, for inside the TARDIS main bedroom is your very own personal primp machine. That's right, it can do anything that
    creepy face sculptor in Riften can do  

             - and it's free....

  • TARDIS Portable Oculus Equipment Transfer Hypercube


    Portable Oculus Equipment Transfer

    Inside the Mechanical Room of the TARDIS you will find this odd little hypercube. It won't be in the chair but sitting on top of
    the port base just to the upper left of the photo above. I moved it to the chair for a better look.

    Anyway, the Portable Oculus Equipment Transfer hypercube (P.O.E.T. for short) will probably be one of the most handiest little
    things ever. When placed into your inventory you will gain in your powers ability the option to activate it. When activated, it will open a
    dimensional portal into the TARDIS crap shoot.

    What's the shoot you ask? Well, it's a storage shoot to store your crap; crap - shoot; it's really very simple.


  • TARDIS Wood Working Station


    TARDIS Wood Working Station

    On the captured planet of Damogran found within the TARDIS is a wood mill. Located next to the wood mill you
    will find a curious table known as the wood working station. This quaint station will allow the player to make things
    with the sawn logs cut. More importantly, you can make 15 firewood from one cut sawn log.

    This station will also adjust the inventory if you have much more logs you wish to cut. This way you don't need
    to click a hundred times to cut 100 sawn logs. With 15 firewood per log, you can generate hundreds of firewood
    before you know it.

    Some build-it-yourself player home mods require lots of firewood making this rather handy. Moreover, if ...

  • TARDIS Wood Mill


                                                    TARDIS Wood Mill   

    Located on the captured planet of Damogran found within the TARDIS is a wood mill. This wood mill will yield
    ten sawn logs when used by the player. Located behind the mill out of view of the picture is a log pile. This pile will allow the player
    to keep track of how many sawn logs are in inventory. So, why pay 200 gold for logs when you can just cut them yourself in the confort
    of your own TARDIS?...

  • Salty Clay


                                                   Salty Clay Mine
    Salt should be by far one of the most common elements on Nirn. Yet, hours of scrounging in other people garbage
    is sure to yield more gems than salt piles.

    So, what gives?

    Why is something so vital for food, alchemy and even life itself only found in rare small quantities in ragged sacks and
    trash barrels?

    Well, say no more squire because you just hit pay-dirt or clay I should say. Located in the marshlands of the captured
    world of Damogran inside the TARDIS is a treasure trove of salty clay deposits.

    Now, I know what you're thinking; you're like, "what the...

  • TARDIS Hay Baler


                                                    TARDIS HAY BALER

    Ever wonder where people get their hay?

    Truly, why should you have to buy it when you can just grow it yourself?

    Introducing the TARDIS automatic hay baler located in the Greenhouse Room. Oh sure it takes 20 wheat to make
    a single bale of hay but hey, with well over 800 wheat you can grow at once within the Greenhouse Room you wont even care.


  • TARDIS Matter Converter


                                              TARDIS MATTER CONVERTER

    Located in the Greenhouse room you will find the Matter Converter. This technological wonder has the power to rearrange matter into all
    manners of useful materials. At  the foot of the platform you will find a manual and a recipe book to help get you started. With this converter you
    can create gems as well as purifying them into their flawless state. You can also create soul gems as well as filled black soul gems from scratch.

    Tired of hunting down goat horns to use for building materials?

    Well, with the converter you can rearrange those pesky molecules found in all manner of tusks to make those ...

  • Let's talk about the raft (or how I learned to do many interesting things with my nifs)

     Rafts should be flat

    A bit of ancient history: when I was first creating this mod, I made a nice raft mesh using Caliente's
    Outfit Studio (yes, really) to combine several planks and crates. It looked good, but when I put it in the game, the following happened:

    On try one, I jumped on the raft and went right through it. Apparently, objects' collision doesn't carry over into new nif (more precisely, only one does, so chose carefully;).
    Well, I found a static (piece of a floor) with a simple collision object that more or less fit the raft dimensions, managed to copy it into the file using nifskope, and tried again.

    On the second try, I jumped on the raft and stood on it. Great! Then I set it to sail and... the raft sailed away, leaving...

  • I have no idea what an article is.

    On the mod upload page, it said to write one, so here ya go....

  • Nota

    Hola, chicos por primera vez contribuyendo en nexus y espero que me motive a seguir creando presets....