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  • MILR's Roadmap

    V 1.0 Initial Release
       .x Balancing feedback bugfixes
       .x Tempering
       .x Additional Reborn 'New' Items
       .X Final version touchups
    V 2.0 Lesser Relics
       .x Balancing feedback fixes
       .x Leveled Lists
       .x Tempering
       .x Additional Reborn 'new' Items
       .x Final Version touchups
    V 3.0 Oblivion Items
       .x Balancing feedback fixes
       .x Tempering
       .x 'Unoffical' relics
       .x Final Version touchups
    V 4.0 Morrowind Items
       .x Balancing feedback fixes
       .x 'Unoffical' relics
       .x Tempering 
       .x Final Version touchups
    V 5.0 Magic and Alchemy -MODULE-...

  • Understanding More Interesting Loot Reborn's Systems

    The Armor System

    It starts, with a magic effect entry, having it set thatfollows both conventional methods of an enchantment, that being  a casting Type of Constant, and a Delivery of Selfwith a set magnitude of 1
    All other settings can be set up set up to your digression,however what has to be set is the controller script, which is MLRArmorMagic
    The script does require a global, that is used to keep thecount of experience any item with the global named MLREvo
    What this script does, is tells the game that on every hit, runthe Chance to gain which willrandomly choose a number from 1 to 100 and if its below the set number it will
    add 1 to the MLREvo Global and when the Total Points and the MLREvo Global match, the script will have the Cur...

  • Customization and Patching

    How does this mod work (technically)? How can i change the spawn chances? How can i make a mod affect an NPC from some mod?

    all information relates to v2, information for older versions can be found under the spoiler at the bottom of the page
    it is better to read also the questions previous to your

    How does this mod work (technically)?

    The game has the following order: LvlAnimalForestPredator(NPC) uses as template LCharAnimalForestPredator (LeveledNPC), which in turn contains a
    list of all (NPC) forest predators (EncWolf, EncBear, etc.)
    Mod contains one script СhanceBasedNPCDesintegrator, which is attached to LvlAnimalForestPredator and other LvlAnimal NPC.
    Script desintegrate NPC with some chance, when the cell is loaded. Chan...

  • Hola hispanohablantes

    Dejen por aquí lo concerniente a errores e inconsistencias. Gracias!...

  • HAle preset High LEf

    Tôi đã mất rất nhiều thời gian chơi để có thể tạo được 1 preset mà tôi thấy ưng ý nhất ,
    - Ai thích preset mà tôi tạo ra có thể cho tôi 1 Like :D để ủng hộ tôi thêm động lực tạo các preset mới
    - Có thắc mắc về vấn đề lỗi bạn có thể Cmt bên dưới bài viết
    - Cám ơn và hãy tải về thử nghiệm :D
    Chúc vui vẻ

    It took me a lot of time to create a preset that I found most interesting,- Who likes the preset I created can give me 1 Like: D to support me with the motivation to create new presets
    - Have questions about the error problem you can Cmt below the article
    - Thanks and download the test: D
    Have fun...

  • Underwater ambience cell boundary bug

    Sometimes, when you're swimming underwater, you'll hear the noises that play when the camera exits and enters water. In rare cases, you may see the screen flash, using the above-water visuals and lighting for just an instant. If you swim for long distances (shoutout to Waterbreathing), you'll experience these bugs periodically. In fact, the problem occurs whenever the camera passes a cell boundary (outdoor spaces are split into grid cells) while underwater: the game seems to think that the camera has exited the water for a single frame, or perhaps even more briefly than that.

    I don't know entirely why this bug occurs, but I've managed to improve my understanding a bit.

    Your camera has what's called a bhkRigidBody -- that is, the camera is physics-simulated, which ma...

  • Brows 4.0

    So, the unthinkable happened. A new version of Brows is finally available for Skyrim Special Edition both here on Nexusmods and on It has been several years since the last update, and I always intended to quickly, but properly port Brows to SSE. But alas, things happened in my life and the thought of going through all the brows, all the different texture size variations, compression etc. and I quickly lost interest.

    It's been years, but I'm a man of my word, even if it means 'later' and not so much 'sooner'. I've received some positive feedback already, and I'm glad to see the community is still very much alive, even if I'm not, most of the time. I still have to officially release Brows 4.0 for legacy Skyrim as of when I'm writing this, but it should be ready in t...

  • Nordic Roamer Armor (my first attempt at moding armor)

    Nordic Roamer Armor (my first attempt at moding armor)
    first of all, it is my first attempt at moding armor.
    the armore is carftalbe at any forge and can be tempered 
    it is a light armor mod 
    any note about this work is more than welcome
    I hope you like it ...

  • UCE 2.0 (Requiem 3.0)

    This page lists all features of UCE version 2.0 in full detail.

    ( Unarmed System Rework )

    A pair of default unarmed weapons called Fist are added to your inventory.
    - Due to Skyrim's system limitations, you need to use unarmed weapons added by this mod to make some features work properly.

    Silent attack (no noise on attack)
    Range slightly shorter than daggers.
    Power Attacks have Stagger chance of 33%.
    Has no type of damage, and thus does not benefit from Expertise system of Requiem.
    Light Attack speed scales with WeaponSpeedMult and values.
    You can perform Left/Right Power Attacks while sneaking.
    You can use Sprinting Attacks with Powerful Charge perk in One-Handed.
    - You can on...

  • Archery downward aiming

    If you're crouched on a ridge and try to shoot an arrow downward off that ridge, while playing in third-person, your arrow may teleport backward and impact the ground beneath your feet. Why does this occur, and how did I fix it?

    When you attempt to fire an arrow, the game needs to know where to spawn that arrow. Skyrim is programmed to find the WEAPON node in your animation skeleton -- sort of like an invisible limb that happens to be positioned a few inches in front of the tip of your bow -- and spawn the arrow there. There's a bit of a problem, though: your animations aren't physics-based. This means that if you were to walk up to a wall and try to shoot an arrow at it, the WEAPON node would be on the other side; the arrow would spawn on the other side and you'd effectively b...

  • Vampire feeding softlock

    Sometimes, if you play as a vampire and attempt to feed on an NPC, you may be left totally unable to move after the feeding animation completes. The only fixes are to load a previous save, or to run the SetPlayerAIDriven 0 console command. Why does this occur, and how did I fix it?

    When you attempt to feed on an NPC, the game creates an AI package at run-time, with a special type that can't be set in the Creation Kit: a "vampire feed" package. The game assigns this package to your character. (It also assigns a "do nothing" package to the person you're feeding on.) However, your character isn't an NPC, so how can they run AI packages? Well, the game flags you as "AI-driven:" it turns your character into an NPC.

    Your character can generate and send what are called "an...

  • norse champion player model

    a player model norse champion easy to install lorefriendly, 
    the model can find in the riverwood entrance....

  • Blade of Savagery

    Blade of Savagery...

  • New Dark Theme for MO2 - 1809 Dark Mode

    1809 Dark Mode is a new dark theme for Mod Organizer 2 that emulates the dark mode that was added to the Windows 10 file explorer in the 1809 update. Its aim is to provide a dark theme experience that is consistent with the system default. You can get it here:

    1809 Dark Mode for Mod Organizer 2

    Consider checking out my other work:


  • Royal Guard Sword

    Royal Guard Sword...