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  • Every Elementalist Needs A Friend.

    I'll gladly add as many variants as I can find....

  • Thieves Guild Reborn Traducao BR

    Caso tenha algum erro, favor reportar. Estou testando muita coisa ainda....

  • Powerful Treasure

    It is a Dungeon, with powerful Items at the end. The dungeon is called Zeek Crypt, it is a Nordic crypt. There is a secret passage through a
    tunnel, to a draugr boss Guarding the treasure. There is a simple puzzle
    at the front gate, keeping the witches out. It is located just west of Riverwood. Look on the Map....

  • List of all NPCs in this mod - Best viewed on Desktop

    Adoptable Children
    Upon Start Game there are 8 available children on the map.
    An additional 15 other children are potentials for adoption if all of their caretakers are killed.

    Alesan                    Dawnstar                              
    Blaise                      Solitude                                
    Lucia                       Whiterun                              
    Sofie                       Windhelm                            
    Runa                       Riften                         ...

  • Stamina used when attacking and its configuration

    This mod implemented an attacking stamina system that is very similar to Souls-Game.

    The goal of the system is to change the tempo of the fight from an trigger happy slapping contest to more measured burst of bouts. Where the goal of the player is to find the moment of your opponent's weakness, take advantage of it to delivery a flurry of attacks (possibly killing your unlucky target), back up a bit to catch your breath and look for the next window of opportunity.

    How it works:
    To those who don't know what soul-stamina is, it means that when ever you attack, you'll lose a big chunk of stamina, and consecutive attacks will cause even more. Thus, your maxium stamina becomes very important as that basically becomes your combo limiter. This stami...

  • Vortex Installation Instructions

    Install the main file with mod manager or extract all to Skyrim/data folder
    Load order wise, if you are installing into an existing save game, then Engarde.esp should be at the bottom. The bottom of load order is the best place to add/remove mods in an existing save game.
    Install zEdit
    Download the "zEdit patcher module" file, extract into zEdit's modules folder, so afterwards, you should have eg: zEdit_v0.5.3_-_Portable_x64\modules\mct
    Start zEdit, untick MCTPatch.esp, start the patcher
    Configure the patcher
    Build the patcher
    It'll take a while depending on how big your load order is.
    Close zEdit to save the MCTPatch.esp
    Please note ...

  • MO2 Installation Instructions

    Due to the way MO2 uses virtual file systems, installation steps are bit more complicated:

    Install the main file with mod manager or extract all to Skyrim/data folder
    Download and install zEdit
    Download the "zEdit patcher module" file, extract into zEdit's modules folder, so afterwards, you should have eg: zEdit_v0.6.4_-_Portable_x64\modules\mct
    Add zEdit as executable in MO2:

    Run zEdit through MO2:

    Untick MCTPatch.esp when loading up your load order, start the patcher
    Configure the patcher
    Build the patcher
    It'll take a while depending on how big your load order is.
    Close zEdit to save th...

  • Compatibility issues reported with other mods

    Animated Armory:

    Parrying dagger feature will cause alternating dual wield attack to become alternating between right hand attack and left hand bash attack. Can be toggle off in Animated Armory's MCM.

    Dual Wielding - bashing and blocking

    This mod allows dual wielder to block and bash, both which are already contained within the "Enhanced normal attack and control" of Engarde.
    It is incompatible because it essentially modifies the exact part.

  • Compatibility with Requiem


    This mod has good Requiem compatiblity, in fact, it was originally designed to be a requiem exclusive mod. Over 100 hours of play testing has been done (several of my own playthrough).

    However, the default settings in the zEdit patcher is for vanila, if you are using this mod with Requiem, please use the values below for good balance.

    Attack Speed Fix: untick (Requiem already has this fix)
    Disable Vanila power attack stagger: tick
    Turning speed acceleration: 10

    Unarmed/creature reach: 0.8
    Unarmed/creature damage: 1

    Weapon speed: 1
    Weapon reach: 1
    Weapon damage: 1
    Weapon crit damage: 0.5

    Installation notes:

    If installing into an existing playthrough, there is ...

  • Release of Luke's Library

    Refer to the changelog. I'm not a cool kid yet so there's no REALLY official stuff yet (aka the article.)...

  • La Verdad Sobre Saadia

    Deseas algun otro Mod? o alguna traduccion? no dudes en pedirlas y me encargare (Preferiblemente traduccion, aun soy un novato nivel niño de pre-escolar en lo que a Moddear se refiere) ...

  • Compatiblity Test: EnaiRim


    I tested a barbarian type of character up to level 21 focusing on Twohanded and Lightarmor

    Minor Incompatiblities:

    Ordinator have Perks that is suppose to reduce stagger, but those perks do not effect staggers applied through this mod. Suggestion is to just not take those perks.

    Balance Issues:

    Crit damage, Ordinator seems to be designed for vanila crit damge of untempered base / 2, but this mod isn't, see this article. I suggest changing the weapon crit damage multiplier in zEdit patcher settings to 0.5 to match Vanila if you are using Ordinator + this mod.
    Weapon Damge, with both Wildcat and Ordinator and this mod increasing damage, everything dies too fast. Recommend tuningweapon damage multiplier down ...

  • Crit tweaks

    In vanila Skyrim, crit damage is set to half of the base untempered damage, which is very underwhelming most of the time and almost neglectable.

    In this mod a critical hit is redefined as a hit bypassing armor which landed on a vital area. Since that's how the game calculate crit damge (it ignores armor). With that definition, crit is reblanced as follows:

    Only standing power attacks will get a bonus chance to crit, it's designed as a deliberate attack that's aiming at opponent's vitals.
    Dagger and crossbows will now do 2x base untempered crit damage, bladed weapons does 1x, blunt weapons does 0.5x. This reflect how well a particular weapon is able to apply a large amount of force to a small area of impact.
    Enemies that have no vitals can not be c...

  • Dual Wield Power attacks showcase and bug fix

    This article will be demostrating the dual wield power attacks changes. First, the modded attack will work as follows:
    P.S. Dual Power attack is now tweaked to be a high risk high reward attack, their movement are more delicate and thus will get interrupted on taking "ANY" hit.

    "Hey! The dual dagger power attack doesn't work like you've shown!"Yes, it doesn't, and it's because of a bug Bethesda left, the hit frame timing of the dual dagger power attack animation is all messed up.
    However, there is a fix for it, I'll show you the before fix and after fix timing.DcSMO54zv0M

    To get dual dagger power attack working like I shown in the first video, the hit frame timing bug must be fixed. You can either:


  • Sasuke vampire rebel assasin

    Sasuke a făcut 99%.
     În acest joc de salvare, sunt un vampir, un elf întunecat, și m-am alăturat unui rebel (copacul sau numele), m-am alăturat
    frăției întunecate (asasin) și în dawnguard am intrat în vamipul.
     Spun că 995 a terminat doar pentru că nu am făcut următoarele misiuni: meridia, boethiah și broadashbur (questul orc).
     Nu am facut asta, nu pot sa fac, nu o iau sau nu incepe, indiferent ce fac.
     Altfel am făcut totul: am găsit toate ceramica, căutam peste tot, eram în toate locurile (orașe, sate, peșteri, ruine etc.), toate hărțile libere, complete.
     100% înseamnă că totul trebuie făcut, toate jocurile, toate ruinele / orașele / satele / peșterile / toate vizitate și făcute.
     Și am folosit cât...

  • Racial changes

    * Injury can only be inflicted with 1h weapons*
    * Only mace can stun*
    * Only edged weapons can bleed*
    Atronach(all type) immune to crit, mass 2, can't be injured
    Frost Atronach mass 6

    Bear(all type), mass 3.5, can bleed

    Chaurus, mass 2.5, can be knocked down

    Dwarven automatons, can't be crit
    Spider mass 1

    Sphere mass 2.5, can be stunned
    Centurion mass 8

    Dragons(all type), mass 10, can't be crit, special injury conditions, see separate article

    Draugr, mass 2, can't be injured

    Falmer, mass 1.5, arm (weapon speed) can be injured

    Frostbite Spiders Giant, mass 3, can be knocked down.

    Giants, mass 8 (Lurkers 6), can't be ...

  • Stagger configuration

    Whether an attack will stagger and how much stagger is applied is determined by the following formula:

    final multiplier * (force - resist) / resist
    force for a weapon = weapon weight * multiplier * constant + base
    Under the default settings, force is expected to be between 1.0 (iron dagger) ~ 5.6 (daedric warhammer)

    force for a creature = creature mass * multiplier + base
    Under the default settings, force is expected to be between 1.0 (wolf) ~ 4.8 (dragons)

    resist for humanoid = (100 + weight + 3*body armor weight) / 100
    Under the default settings, resist is expected to be between 1.0 (naked and minimum weight human) ~ 3.5 (max weight human wearing daedric plate)

    resist for creatures = creature mass
    Under the def...