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NexusMods has so many quality-of-life and lore-friendly mods for Fallout 76... and... thanks to wxMichael's Fallout 76 Support... you can use Vortex to manage them!This video walks you through a fresh install of Vortex and setting up Fallout 76 Support.

You are responsible if a mod or application causes your game to function improperly or results in Zenimax/Bethesda banning you. For more info see this:

Vortex Mod Manager

VORTEX - A Beginner's Guide by Gopher

Fallout 76 Support by wxMichael

NexusMods Fallout 76 mods page

madduma's page on NexusMods:

NOTE: it is NOT recommended that you install Fallout 76 in Program Files (x86) like this computer has here. This is because that folder has Windows User Access Control (UAC) protections. You CAN still use Vortex, but it will require you to elevate every time you make a change (which can be annoying after a while). Also, it may interfere with other mods or programs you want to install. Instead, we recommend installing it in a folder you create, like C:\Programs (not just C:\ because that is UAC protected as well).