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  • BeatVortex updates and Vortex versions

    Hey everyone!

    Thanks as always for using BeatVortex!

    As I've been adding more features, fixes and more tightly integrating with both Vortex and Beat Saber, the extension itself has been growing in complexity quite dramatically. BeatVortex is now made up of almost 4000 lines of code and is one of the more complex Vortex extensions around today. As such, adding new features and fixes can be quite a complex affair.

    For that reason, I want to be clear about a change I'm making around updates: going forward, each major version of BeatVortex will only be supported on the current Vortex version when it's released or later. For example, when I released 0.3.1, Vortex was up to 1.2.13, so BeatVortex 0.3.x would support any version of Vortex from 1.2.13 onwards. <...