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Adds support for installing and managing Beat Saber mods with Vortex

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BeatVortex adds support for installing and managing Beat Saber mods through Vortex. You can use Vortex to install mods alongside Mod Assistant or any other Beat Saber modding tools.

Find full documentation on using Vortex with Beat Saber at


You should be able to automatically install the extension by clicking Manage on Beat Saber in the Games list, just like your other Vortex games. If that doesn't work, you can install the extension directly using the Find More button at the bottom of the Extensions screen: just find Beat Saber Support and Install it.

Adding Beat Saber

Once the extension is installed, Vortex should automatically discover Beat Saber in the "Discovered" tab of the Games screen. Click Manage to perform initial setup and add Beat Saber to your games list.

Installing Mods

Just like any other Vortex game, installing mods from archives is pretty simple: download the zip file, drag-and-drop into Vortex, then Install and Enable the mod.


Since v0.2.0, you can quickly browse and install mods from BeatMods without leaving Vortex. Open the new BeatMods page from the left sidebar to see all the currently available mods for your game version.


Since v0.2.0, you can enable our preview support for OneClick installs from your Vortex settings. Open the Download tab in Settings, scroll down to "Enable OneClick Installations" and you can individually enable OneClick link handling for maps, models or playlists. You can then use the OneClick links on BeatSaver, BeastSaber and ModelSaber to install mods with Vortex. See for more information on OneClick installation.