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Powershell script that lets you download files w/o having to log in on the website. Made due to recent changes in the nexusmods "login service", if you can call it that. Suggestions and "translations" welcome. Speaking of languages - i couldn't convince nexus the mod language is "powershell" ;)

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Thanks to nexusmods now using cloudflare & gRecaptcha without providing a fallback solution for everyone who can't be bothered to click at random traffic lights and fire hydrants for fifteen minutes straight, i made this tiny script for myself. guess it can be useful to others as well so i made a mod page for it.

Due to how the nexus decided to handle files and how they set up their API, a premium account is required for it to actually function. just like this wabbajack mod pack thingy.

To generate your private API key click on your user icon on the top right and select "Preferences". Go to the rightmost tab called "API", scroll to the bottom to "Personal API Key" and generate one. You'll need to paste that string into the script. You need to be logged in on the website to do that, though =/ Let me know if there's an easy way to extract your API key from MO2/VO or whether you can use the API key from other apps to download stuff.

Think it's quite ironic from me to upload it here, where you can't download files w/o logging in first, unlike you used to a few years back, innit? Here's your alternative mirror.

Download the script, open it with the text editor of your choice, and paste your very own personal API key where it says 'paste your API key here'. Keep the quotation marks in place. Launch powershell as admin, copy&paste set-executionpolicy remotesigned and confirm with enter. this will allow you to run scripts in the first place.

right-click, select "run with powershell", follow instructions. the mod file will be downloaded to the same location as the script file.