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Adds support for PAYDAY 2 to Vortex

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This extension adds support for PAYDAY 2 to Vortex.
You can use it to install SuperBLT mods.

SuperBLT is required, the extension will check and give you a download link once you start managing the game inside Vortex.

How to install

This method requires at least Vortex 1.1.0!
To install, you should be able to find this under your games list, no special steps necessary.

This method works for all versions!
If special steps are necessary:
1. Download the main file of this extension.
2. Enable Advanced mode in Vortex to reveal the Extensions tab.
3. Drop the main file .7z onto the box at the bottom of the Extensions tab.
4. Restart Vortex and you should find PAYDAY 2 support under Games!

How to install mods

90% of PAYDAY2 mods are BLT-style mods, so installation will be drag and drop!
The other 10% are "mod_overrides"-style mods, and are not yet supported. Vortex will inform you it cannot be installed and you will need to install them manually based on what the mod says (for now.) 

How to deploy mods

Deployment should run without a hitch unless BLT's built-in auto-updater has updated a mod.

The deployment will work as usual, but at the end a dialog will tell you files have been changed on disk. Select the option to "Choose newest file" as is default and continue for your mods to update and work as expected.

Planned Features

1. Support for "mod_overrides"-style mods
2. Get mod metadata from mod.txt, especially for mods from outside sources that don't follow naming conventions.
3. Mod conflict detection? (Overlapping hooks or replacements, based on BLT mod.txt metadata)
3.1. Automatic conflict alerts in Vortex? (Preventing them may be extreme, warnings only?)
4. Crash logs management?
4.1. Detecting which mod caused the most recent crash?
5. Detect multiple mods in an archive and add them individually (and include them as a category?)

Known Issues

1. Do not start the game via Vortex or you will get a "Game already running" error.
2. "mod_overrides"-style mods are not supported yet, these are commonly reskins or retextures.
3. Since many mods for this game are old and discontinued, expect some to cause crashes. Luckily, Vortex makes disabling mods a breeze. :)


Some mods for PAYDAY 2 change the damage/balancing of guns or give the player extreme unfair stat advantages. These types of mods are considered cheats by the community and I personally recommend you only use them in offline lobbies.
Note that you will never be banned from the game itself, only from certain users who block cheaters.