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Adds support for GTA V

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This extension adds support for GTA V to Vortex.
You can use it to install plugins for script hook, asset replacers as well as addons.

Script Hook V and OpenIV are required, the extension will guide you through the correct installation once you start managing the game inside Vortex.

How to install

This requires Vortex 1.1.0! To install, go to Extensions->Find More. Find this extension and click install.

How to install mods

Please be aware that, since the game has been around for a while, a lot of mods may be packaged in a way that doesn't install correctly out of the box, if a mod doesn't work, please check in the staging folder whether it's been installed correctly.

The extension will try to install all mods automatically but if a mod doesn't work you may want to check if it was installed correctly.

There are effectively three kind of mods: replacers, addons, script hook plugins
Within Vortex these should be assigned a mod type accordingly, replacers will have the "default" mod type, addons will be "gta5dlc", plugins will be "gta5asi". This is the first thing to check, determine which kind of mod you have and whether it has the right mod type.

After that check the staging folder for the mod.
For addons you should find a "dlc.rpf" in the root of the mod folder, for plugins there should be a <something something>.asi file - again at the root.
All other files, stuff like screenshots, don't really matter.

Replacers are a bit more complex, they should have the same directory structure as the game directory, with rpfs being directories.
So if you have a mod with installation instructions like this:

1. Go to mods/update/update.rpf/x64/patch/data/cdimages/scaleform_minimap.rpf
2. Click on "Add new file" and import the 'minimap.ytd' file provided by this mod.

What you expect is a directory structure like this:
|-> update.rpf
|-> x64
|-> patch
|-> data
|-> cdimages
|-> scaleform_minimap.rpf
|-> minimap.ytd

Both "update.rpf" and "scaleform_minimap.rpf" are regular directories here!

If you have a mod that contains different kinds of mods (e.g. a plugin *and* replacers) you have to split them up into multiple mods.

How to deploy mods

Unlike with most games supported by Vortex, deployment for GTA V is a bit more involved. We strongly advice you don't do this after every mod you install but instead only do it once before actually want to start playing the game.

The deployment will work as usual but at the end a dialog will tell you openiv needs to be started. Do the installation and follow the instructions given, there is very little room to actually make a mistake.
The only thing you have to look out for: when asked, select you want to install to the "mods" directory. Do *not* install to the base game directory. If the "mods" option is unavailable for some reason: Cancel, check that you installed openiv.asi, ask for help if necessary. Never install to the base game directory.


We do not support using mods in multiplayer. We do not condone using mods in multiplayer.
Your account may be banned for using any mods in public multiplayer and there is nothing we can do about that.

If you do want to switch between modded singleplayer and unmodded multiplayer, do be careful that you deactivate mods before you start multiplayer.
Vortex will help you in two ways
a) When Vortex has modded your game, you should see the word "Modded" and a Vortex icon added to the game icon (in the lower left). If you see this, you still have mods installed. But: If you don't see it, you may still be running mods you installed outside Vortex!
b) Use Vortex to install scripthook. That way when you "Purge" mods within Vortex it will remove script hook from the game, thereby disabling openiv.asi thereby the game won't use the modified files from the "mods" directory and you should be running a vanilla game. If you don't know: "Purge" is not a destructive operation, nothing is irreversibly lost. It just temporarily removes mods from the game. The next time you "deploy" all mods will be restored.