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Fully Virtual Deployment for Vortex using the usvfs library.

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This is an extension for Vortex that adds a new deployment method to Vortex.
This is highly experimental and currently not officially supported. Please do NOT report bugs for this through the Vortex feedback system, report them here.


  • Deploying with this gets no real files placed in the game directory
  • Deployment is quite a bit faster than using links
  • It works with any filesystem
  • The staging folder doesn't have to be on the same drive as the game

Limitations (can't be fixed)

  • Requires Vortex 0.17.0 or newer!
  • Games & Tools always have to be started from inside Vortex, otherwise the mods aren't working
  • Supports only games that get started directly (some games, e.g. Sims 4, Dark Souls, Kotor always get started through Origin/Steam)
  • Errors caused by an incompatibility with the game can be quite hard to decipher

Known Bugs

  • Many games aren't currently compatible (need testing to produce a list)
  • External Changes will currently not be detected
  • Vortex will show plugins as not-deployed - they can still be sorted and everything should work functionally

How to install

Open the extensions tab in vortex (requires advanced mode) and drag the 7z file onto the drop zone at the bottom.


In Settings->Mods switch the deployment method to "USVFS Deployment"