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Provides an easy way to quickly share/download/install mod setups between different Vortex instances

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Important Notes:

This extension is experimental and although it has been tested, some bugs may still be present - the extension is a personal project and is NOT an official Nexus Mods extension, please report any issues you encounter on this extension page - please avoid reporting them through the internal feedback system.

What is this/How does it work ?

This is an experimental Vortex extension which aims to give users the ability to automatically fulfill mod dependencies and/or share mod setups with other Vortex users. This extension allows users to "Export Dependencies" by selecting one or more mods from the mods table (Only mods downloaded through the Nexus Mods website are supported), Vortex will generate a JSON string containing all the information required to download the mods - this data can then be distributed to other users by standard copy-paste - the other users will then need to "Import Dependencies" through the action bar button in the mods page. (view gifs in image gallery)

Alternatively mod authors can distribute a generated dependency file with their mods which will immediately attempt to fulfill mod dependencies on successful mod installation (if the user enables this functionality in their settings page). The "Import Dependencies" button on the mods page can also be used to tell Vortex to search for dependency files within the current game's staging folder and attempt to fulfill them that way (for those of us that prefer full control over when the fulfillment system kicks in)

Although premium membership is highly recommended (mod download and installation is triggered automatically without any further input from the user), Non-Premium members can still benefit from this extension - Vortex will open a tab for each mod file's download page.

Example data:

"archiveName": "",
"downloadIds": {
"fileId": 442,
"gameId": "valheim",
"modId": 5
"allowAutoInstall": true,
"rules": []
"archiveName": "Better",
"downloadIds": {
"fileId": 2343,
"gameId": "valheim",
"modId": 446
"allowAutoInstall": true,
"rules": []

What it doesn't do:

  • Will not export mods sourced outside of
  • Will not export mods with orphaned/missing download archives
  • Will not export manually added mods unless the mod's metadata is populated (use the "Guess Id" buttons to have Vortex identify your mod and pull the metadata for you)
  • The auto-fulfill on install functionality will not use requirements defined within the mod page! (for auto-fulfill to work, the mod needs to have a ".vdeps" file included by the mod author)

How to install:

  • Find the "Dependency Fulfiller" extension inside Vortex's extensions page and install it from there. (If it's missing, refresh the extensions list manually or wait for Vortex to update it and try again)
  • Clicking the "Vortex" button on this mod/extension page should open up the extensions page with the Dependency Fulfiller pre-selected - (again, if it doesn't show up or Vortex says it's unavailable - refresh the extensions list or wait for Vortex to refresh it)
  • (Not recommended) you can install the extension manually by downloading the archive and extracting it in your "%appdata%/vortex/plugins" folder. Please be aware that Vortex will not be able to automatically update the extension if you choose this method


If you have a suggestion or an issue you would like to discuss please feel free to post on this project's github page