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This extension adds support for Project Wingman mods to the Vortex mod manager.

Permissions and credits
This extension is still in preview, please report any issues you find!
Some mod authors package their mods extremely unconventionally. Vortex should warn you about these incompatible mods.

What is it?
This is a simple Vortex extension that adds support for Project Wingman mods so that you can install game mods using the Vortex mod manager.
Using Vortex, you can install, manage, track and uninstall mods for Project Wingman just like you install mods for any of your other Vortex-supported games.

A word of warning
Project Wingman is very new and there's likely to be a lot of changes, discoveries and tweaks made to how mods work (and are managed) in the coming months. Please be patient and report any issues you find as this is being built with zero inside knowledge of the game or modding processes.

How to use it?
You can install the extension either from the Games tab in Vortex, or by installing it directly from Vortex's Extensions pane. Restart Vortex and you should be good to go.

Please report any bugs or issues you find as I have only been able to complete some basic (and limited) testing with this extension.