Sir, You Are Being Hunted
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Sir/Madam needs to "expand their mind" in order to see wisps in the world.

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*Mod Name: Cottingley Wisps
*Author: Red Queen
*Date: January 17th, 2015
*For Sir v. 1.3

Just a mod with a single feature from my main project, "Judgment Day", broken out as a standalone mini-mod in response to some particularly-polite user requests.

**IMPORTANT: Note you can ONLY run ONE .DLL mod at a time, so you cannot run this at the same time as Judgment Day, Developer Mode, or any other .dll mod I or others may create!**

For the curious and technologically-minded, I disassembled the original .dll, edited the raw MSIL by hand, and reassembled it with Microsoft's official IL utilities in Visual Studio -- that's why the file size of the modified assembly is smaller than the original. As a result of having to use more "creative" methods of making these modifications, I consider these to be experimental -- as always with mods, use at your own risk and back up your saves.

Lastly, unlike the texture-based mods I published previously, these mods are NOT version-agnostic. They were written for version 1.3, and I can't guarantee they will work correctly on any other version. Also, if you use Steam, I would expect that "verifying game files" or applying an official patch will result in it wiping out the modded .dll and replacing it with a vanilla one, as the modified date and file size are different.

**DISCLAIMER: Running the game with modded .dll files is neither endorsed nor supported by Big Robot. If you experience glitches or other untoward behavior while playing with these mods, they cannot provide support.**

*Contents of this zip file:*



1. "Cottingley Wisps" -- Wisps are now only visible while Sir or Madam is... under the influence of certain mycological biota.  It's all for science.  Really.


1. Back up your vanilla copy of Assembly-CSharp.dll (found in \Sir, You Are Being Hunted\sir_v1.3_Data\Managed) somewhere safe, you will need this if you decide to stop using this mod.
2. Choose the modded version with the settings you want to use, and copy it into said \Managed folder. You can use only ONE at a time.
3. Play!

1.If you want to restore the vanilla game behavior, just copy the original version of Assembly-CSharp.dll you backed up in step 1 (you DID back it up, right?) into sir_v1.3_Data\Managed, overwriting the modded one.