Sir, You Are Being Hunted
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Unlocking the hidden developer debug cheats -- for science!

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*Mod Name: Developer Mode
*Author: Red Queen
*Date: December 18th, 2014
*For Sir v. 1.3

Want to take screenshots including the Tweedbots without getting murdered by them?  Curious to see their AI states and coordinates in real time, or mess with their ability to see, hear, and harm things?  How about spawning pheasants at will?  Or do you wish for the power to COMMAND THE SUN? <thunderclap and mad laughter>  This .dll mod is for you then -- I have enabled the developer cheats/commands hidden in the game for your enjoyment and testing use.

For the curious and technologically-minded, I disassembled the original .dll, edited the raw MSIL by hand to bend it to my will, and reassembled it with Microsoft's official IL utilities in Visual Studio -- that's why the file size of the modified assembly is smaller than the original. As a result of having to use more "creative" methods of making these modifications, I consider these to be experimental -- as always with mods, use at your own risk and back up your saves.

Lastly, unlike the texture-based mods I published previously, DLL mods are NOT version-agnostic. They were written for version 1.3, and I can't guarantee they will work correctly on any other version. Also, if you use Steam, I would expect that "verifying game files" or applying an official patch will result in it wiping out the modded .dll and replacing it with a vanilla one, as the modified date and file size are different.

**DISCLAIMER: Running the game with modded .dll files is neither endorsed nor supported by Big Robot. If you experience glitches or other untoward behavior while playing with these mods, they cannot provide support.**

*Contents of this zip file:*



1. Developer godmode commands are now available for the player to use at will.

*List of Commands and What They Do*

1. Toggle Player Invincibility (NumPad 8) -- Player takes no damage.  Bots and wildlife can still be attacked and attack each other.
2. Toggle Player Invisibility (NumPad 7) -- Player cannot be seen.  Bots can still see each other.  They can also hear the player, but can't attack Sir/Madam since they can't get a visual lock.
3. Toggle Bot Hearing (NumPad 6) -- Bots ignore all sounds from all sources.  Animals still flee the player.
4. Toggle All Damage (NumPad 5) -- No one can hurt anyone no matter how much they shoot/bite/explode at them. Traps, Hounds, and Riders can still snare/knockdown, but it does no damage.

5. Faster Sun (NumPad 1) -- Each press speeds up the sun by a small amount, letting you increase how fast the day passes.  If you wondered how Big Robot did the rapid day/night in the main menu, this is it.
6. Slower Sun (NumPad 2) -- Each press slows down the sun by a small amount, letting you decrease how fast the day passes.  Negative values will cause the sun to go backwards!

7. Toggle Floating Actor Status On (NumPad +) -- Very cool.  Pops a floating tag over every bot and animal that shows their current AI state (hunting, patrolling, etc) and a couple numeric values that I believe are distance from the player and the range at which they can currently see the player.  Also shows whether they are on Blue Team or Red Team for the bot factions by color.  Animals display in white with their species.
8. Toggle Floating Actor Status Off (NumPad -) -- Turns off those useful floating tags.

9. Infinite Ammo (NumPad 4) -- Tested with a pistol and saw no effect on the player.  Suspect it might be purely used to handle how the axe is an infinite-use weapon at this point in the game.

10. Spawn Pheasant (NumPad 3) -- Forces C_WildlifeManager to spawn a pheasant somewhere nearby.  Use with extreme caution as actors can spawn in invalid locations and it will cause crashes.
11. Spawn Squad (NumPad 0) -- NOT SAFE.  Spawns a bot squad somewhere on the island.  Strongly advise against using this one as I had them apparently spawn in illegal locations, causing tremendous lag and an eventual crash when I tried to quit.  My log file had also bloated up to over 40 megs due to the flood of error messages.

12. "Wordsworth" (Flight) (NumPad 0) -- Sir/Madam can now swim, run, and FLY.  To go airborne after tapping NumPad0 to toggle flying on, just point the crosshair in an upwards direction and start moving forward.  Controls and movement are just like if you are swimming -- this is because I essentially trick the game into thinking you are both underwater and on the surface of the water at the same time to get it to allow you to swim off into the sky without applying the underwater visuals.  As you are skyswimming, your inventory and action keys are locked out, a safety feature I didn't disable so as to avoid any possible crashes or other weird problems that could arise, especially if trying to use the boat or standing stones.  If you dive into the water and fly back out, you will hear the splashing audio until you walk onto land for a bit (you don't need to actually toggle flight off).  I also inserted a check to keep the Bog Monster from spawning as long as flight is toggled on to avoid spawning spam.  Last warning -- when you're ready to stop flying, find a safe place to stand that is not on the dock or in the water.  This way, you won't plummet to your death, or have the Bog Monster instantly spawn.


1. Back up your vanilla copy of Assembly-CSharp.dll (found in \Sir, You Are Being Hunted\sir_v1.3_Data\Managed) somewhere safe, you will need this if you decide to stop using this mod.
2. Copy over the Assembly-CSharp.dll in this zip.  Note you can't use it with any other .DLL mod, such as Judgment Day.
3. Play! (And wield the powers of the gods!)

1.If you want to restore the vanilla game behavior, just copy the original version of Assembly-CSharp.dll you backed up in step 1 (you DID back it up, right?) into sir_v1.3_Data\Managed, overwriting the modded one.