Sir, You Are Being Hunted
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Quieting down the bots.

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*Mod Name: Reduced Robot Blather
*Author: Red Queen
*Date: July 9th, 2014

This one has no actual files to install as it's just a quickie tweak of a setting that's hidden in an existing .xml config file.  While poking around in the game's XML a while ago, I found a very easy way to reproduce the quieter robot blather effect included in Spoonbender's "No Eye Beams" mod that doesn't require editing any of the audio files packed inside the .assets containers.

To quiet down the robot's non-vocal warbling audio chatter, just pop open MixerSettings.xml in "\sir_v1\SaveGames". Inside you'll find a setting called "Robot Blather," which can accept values between 0 and 1. 1 is full volume, 0 is silent. Editing this value won't affect the value in "Robot Vocals," so by editing the XML instead of using the robot volume control in the options menu in game, you can turn down/off their warbling without silencing all the charmingly vicious things they shout at you.  You should adjust this setting after you have all your other settings adjusted to what you like, as if you adjust the other audio later, it will overwrite the manual adjustment you made, and you'll have to redo it.

I tend to run with Robot Blather turned down to around 0.15 -- this makes it so that you get less warning at longer range that an unseen Hunter is approaching (cross your fingers that he talks to a hunting buddy or himself as he approaches), but get a bit of extra help in identifying when he's getting dangerously close -- if you can hear the warbling, he's only a few yards away. I recommend pairing this with setting the Robot Vocals to about 0.7 as well.  Have fun with Stealthbots!