Sir, You Are Being Hunted
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Makes the robots' eyebeams less visible. 2 levels of reduction available to choose from!

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*Mod Name: Reduced Eyebeams
*Author: Red Queen
*Date: November 23rd, 2014

This is a texture replacer for the robot visor glow to make the bots a bit stealthier. It comes in two flavors -- "Reduced" cuts it down to about 50% of the original intensity, while "Reduced More" cuts it down to about 20% of vanilla (my preferred version). (Comparison screenshots found in the folder called "screenshots".) Instructions are for Sir version 1.3, but this should work on any version of Sir as it just replaces a texture. To use, simply replace the texture in sharedassets1.assets with whichever version you prefer.  You will need to use a utility that will allow you to open and update .asset files to do so -- I recommend Grim's Unity Asset Editor.

*Contents of this zip file:*

reduced\ (index #446)
reducedmore\ (index #446)

*Grim's Unity Asset Editorr:*

Stable Download:
Main Discussion Thread:
Beta Download and Thread:

*Installation via Grim's UAE:*

1. Back up your vanilla copy of sharedassets1.assets (found in \Sir, You Are Being Hunted\sir_v1.3_Data) somewhere safe, you will need this if you decide to stop using this mod.
2. Launch Grim's UAE and select File > Open
3. Navigate to sharedassets1.assets and open.
4. Scroll down to T_VisorCone in the list of files (index position as of Sir version 1.3 is #446).
5. Right-click on T_VisorCone and select Import, filtering on .DDS type (do NOT select "Add" or filter on "any file" as both will break the .asset pack).
6. Navigate to the reduced you want to use and hit Open.  UAE will replace the old version of the texture with the new one.
7. Go to File > Save As and save a modified copy of sharedassets1.assets somewhere handy.
8. Place this updated version of sharedassets1.assets in your \Sir, You Are Being Hunted\sir_v1.3_Data folder.
9. Enjoy dying to stealthier robots!

1.If you want to give the robots back their normal visor beams, just copy the original version of sharedassets1.assets you backed up in step 1 (you DID back it up, right?) into sir_v1.3_Data, overwriting the edited one.