Sir, You Are Being Hunted
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Hardmode gameplay for Sir or Madam.

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*Mod Name: Judgment Day
*Author: Red Queen
*Date: February 13th, 2015
*For Sir v. 1.3

Formerly known under the less-poetic name "Hardmode DLLs," this is a collection of tweaks to the game's Assembly-CSharp.dll (scripts) with the aim of increasing the game's difficulty by tweaking different combinations of settings that can't be reached via in-game settings or .xml configs. Keep reading to see the current list of features included, and some things on the horizon.  Not recommended for inexperienced players, but highly recommended for those who have beaten the game and are looking for a greater challenge.

For the curious and technologically-minded, I disassembled the original .dll, edited the raw MSIL by hand, and reassembled it with Microsoft's official IL utilities in Visual Studio -- that's why the file size of the modified assembly is smaller than the original. As a result of having to use more "creative" methods of making these modifications, I consider these to be experimental -- as always with mods, use at your own risk and back up your saves.

Lastly, unlike the texture-based mods I published previously, these mods are NOT version-agnostic. They were written for version 1.3, and I can't guarantee they will work correctly on any other version. Also, if you use Steam, I would expect that "verifying game files" or applying an official patch will result in it wiping out the modded .dll and replacing it with a vanilla one, as the modified date and file size are different.

**DISCLAIMER: Running the game with modded .dll files is neither endorsed nor supported by Big Robot. If you experience glitches or other untoward behavior while playing with these mods, they cannot provide support.**

*Contents of this zip file:*



X. "Minor Recalibrations" -- Catchall for small, oneoff tweaks that don't really warrant their own category.  Increased cooldown on time between Rider trample attacks are the only resident of this bucket for now.

0. "Developer Mode" -- Merged in the ability to use the developer cheats published initially in my other .dll mod, entitled, strangely enough, "Developer Mode."  Mostly for my own use in debugging and testing new features, as they are extremely useful for their intended purpose, and since you can't run two hacked .dlls together, this was the only way to get the tools I need for testing into Judgment Day. Obviously, using these in a proper game of Judgment Day-enhanced Sir is dirty pool, unless you're using them to tweak the day/night length or counteract some peculiar glitch.  Full list of commands and what they do can be found in devcheats_reference.txt

1. "American Health Care" -- Raises the threshold to regenerate health to Vitality 99+, making it much more difficult to heal up after being injured.

2. "Go For The Jugular" -- Roughly doubles the chance of any bot-inflicted wound being a bleeder.

3. "Deadeye" -- Hunters and poachers are 80% less inaccurate in their initial few shots before they ramp up to full accuracy. Squires left unchanged due to their extremely rapid rate of fire.

4. "Target Acquired" -- Hunters and Poachers need roughly 70% less time glimpsing the player to lock on and switch to active attack.  (Original time approximately 2 seconds, new time around half a second.)  Riders, Hounds, and the Landowner lock on in around .9 seconds max.  Squires and Scarecrows left unchanged for balance reasons.

5. "Tally Ho!" -- Landowner tags the player on target acquisition, locking player to maximum visibility regardless of cover.  This tag persists until the player loads or switches islands.  You can run, but you can't hide.

6. "'Ware Bot-Eater!" -- Bot spawns will now change on the fly in reaction to how aggressive the player has been.  The more of them you kill, the more of them join the hunt for this excitingly-dangerous prey!  Hunters, Hounds, and Poachers increase their spawn at a 1:2 ratio to your Bots Killed stat.  (Note: for Hunters, this is +1 *per faction*, so 1 bot downed actually means 2 new Hunters join the fray.)  An additional Rider spawns for every 4 Tweedbots you destroy.  No additional spawns of Squires, Scarecrows, Balloon, Landowner, or Bog Monster.  Choose your battles wisely, for they have permanent consequences the rest of your game now.

7. "Cottingley Wisps" -- Wisps are now only visible while Sir or Madam is... under the influence of certain mycological biota.  It's all for science.  Really.

8. "Bloody Taffer!" (v.3) -- Bots guarding telebits now have the ability to notice their sudden absence and initiate a search of the area.  Their chance to notice is influenced by how many telebits the player has already snagged and returned, creating a sense that they are responding to the apparent interest of the player in absconding with these mysterious objects.  Hint -- if they are completely absorbed in investigating or chasing something, they will likely be too busy to notice the missing telebit in time to make sweeping the area worthwhile...  Did I mention that as of v.3, they can now share this alert among the whole squad to investigate the theft as a team?

9. "Enhanced Optics" (v.2) -- Raised the upper bound capping view distance, rendering the player spottable up to 1.5x the original distance in a low alert state, climbing to 2x the vanilla view distance when on high alert.  Bot max view distance is also now affected by what type of bot they are.  Some are a little nearsighted (Scarecrows, Squires, Hounds, Poachers), others keener-eyed (Hunters, Riders), and the Landowner... well, he's his own walking watchtower.

10. "No Really, What WAS That?" (v.2) -- Hunters and Landowner now have a chance to decide to investigate a glimpse of the player more closely, rather than always move on.  Chance is influenced by how many bots, if any, you've killed, reflecting how on edge (or just offended at the disrepect, in the case of the Landowner) the bots are.  Hunters in a squad now have 210% more team spirit and will share their suspicions amongst the team.  The Landowner is an antisocial grump and currently prefers to handle things himself.

11. "Human Noodlin'" -- The Bog Monster now has a chance to notice Sir/Madam hanging around on the shore and pop up as close as it can to try to snatch some lunch right off the beach.  Hugging the coast or cheesing aggroed Hunters by clinging to inaccessible cliff faces is now a bit riskier than before.  Current chance to spawn right at the waterline is 8%, this is subject to revision in future updates if I decide the shore is still too exploitable.  Note that this theoretically *shouldn't* trigger if the player is standing on the dock, as it is not the region type that the script keys off of.

12. "Hide And Seek" -- Most bots are now capable of putting themselves in the prey's shoes and identifying places nearby that would conceal targets from their current point of view.  They just might decide intentionally to come check behind those spots while searching, so keep moving!  Also, they now will scan a search area 1.5x wider than vanilla so will cover more ground while in Search mode. No intra-squad communication of search points yet, but I hope to come up with a way for that to happen down the road so squad members will prefer fanning out to check different spots if one of their teammates is already approaching one.

13."Shh, I'm Hunting Humans" -- Hunters and the Landowner now may choose to investigate glimpses per feature #10 quietly, hoping to sneak up on Sir/Madam (for the Landowner, it's more of a nonchalant lumbering than sneaking, really).  Hunters may even try to try to stalk the player quietly when trying to reacquire the target during the Hunt/Search sequence.  Bots will only try to use stealth at night.  They also decide whether to sneak on an individual basis, so you just might see a team have the one excited loudmouth in their group ruin their clever plan.  Dogs also continue to bark at will.  Note only vocals are silenced, so Sir/Madam can still listen for the warbling "blather" so long as they are moving and close by.


1. Back up your vanilla copy of Assembly-CSharp.dll (found in \Sir, You Are Being Hunted\sir_v1.3_Data\Managed) somewhere safe, you will need this if you decide to stop using this mod.
2. Choose the modded version with the settings you want to use, and copy it into said \Managed folder. You can use only ONE at a time.
3. Play! (And die more.)

1.If you want to restore the vanilla game behavior, just copy the original version of Assembly-CSharp.dll you backed up in step 1 (you DID back it up, right?) into sir_v1.3_Data\Managed, overwriting the modded one.