Sins of a Solar Empire
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A large map

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A large galaxy that is randomly generated. Comes in DesertHome or TerranHome starts. The starting planet group only consists of a homeworld.
Planets Types:
Dead Asteroid: 20
Asteroid: 52
Ice: 30
Random True: 8
Asteroid Belt: 20
Magnetic Cloud: 9
Moon/Dwarf Planet: 12
Asteroid Space Junk: 6
Volcanic: 11
Desert: 14
Wormhole: 8
Terran: 12
Gas Giant: 5
Plasma Storm: 6
Random Special: 5
Asteroid Or Dead: 2
Random Ice Volcanic: 1
Random True Non Ice: 2
This map is for 10 players. There are 255 planets and 1 star.