Sins of a Solar Empire
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1.85 Outlaw Sectors.
Evolve your capital ship, evolve your titan, grow you planet more and more, upgrade the starbase, specialize in reserch by removing limits, buil the new ship and vessels, ecc...

Permissions and credits
This mod is an upgrade to game version  1.85  Outlaw Sectors of my old Tec/stability mod (
In this new mod the goal is to recode, by making the script smart and smaller, meaning you can play using an average pc without incurring in slow to death.


extract in:
C:\Users\Your name\Documents\My Games\Ironclad Games\Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion\

Please note, this mod may not work if there is an other game.manifest and string in other mods.

V 0.3 Change log

Upgrated all evolution and research option, created new super cruiser ship. [remover (dev) from the zip file]

V 0.2 Change log

Added all the base evolution and the mad research option, rip. star base, titan evolution, the large fighter and the modular socio/economy. (as a pre-alfa need to be tested for game stability, but this should work, for any bug report).

V 0.1 Change log

For now I have upgraded the basic evolution of the fist grade af all capital ship (if you remember there is 4 evolution for a total of 50 levels)
Ai can use this upgrade, and shall use it when possible.