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  1. Feelsgoy
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    Does this work with a cracked versions? I only want to play SoSE for this mod only
  2. User1BP
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    Ok, not sure if a bug or not. Installation 4 shows as a planet, not a ring world...Is this correct or should be a ring?
  3. godwayz
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    Man this Mod is Meh - My ships are just taken over by this infection, no way of fighting it. Just kills the Mod. No info or anything I can find about it.
    1. kickjake2
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      turn off the flood/pirates. it's meant as a hardcore survival mode. intended to be off most of the time.
  4. oldcontent
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    has anyone actually beat the covenant as UNSC? Sotp
    I haven't given up yet but I almost have 30 hours into the mod and I haven't had a single victory as UNSC vs covenant even with 1 ally. The covenant titan unit just solos entire fleets and the AI seems to get it unlocked super fast as if it is cheating.

    What's really bothering me which are issues with the Base game's design is I really hate how research works. If you lose your research buildings you lose the research you unlocked and paid for so as you lose planets it basically gives the opposing force handicaps because you are cut off from all the advantages you worked hard to obtain you cant build any ships that counter the enemy whatsoever making it progressively more impossible to ever push back. I think it would be better if Research was just research you unlock and it keep it not for free but it isnt tied to structures the enemy can one shot with a heavy destroyer.

    Love the mod but UNSC is greatly underpowered hoping this changes in a future update. Interestingly the covenant had thousands of ships in the lore and overwhelmed the enemy when they committed but the covenant is not a swarm army in the mod the exact opposite with specialized expensive ships that are absolute monsters. The UNSC has less expensive ships and must outnumber the covenant 3 to 1 or more to have any chance of victory. This is respectful to the lore but in the mod you can lose 150+ ships to a small covenant force that you outnumbered and thought you had a chance.

    i"ve played it with 2 friends and when they play the covenant they beat me and when they play the UNSC they lose the same as I do evidence that something is Amiss but neither one is as frightening as the AI in control of the covenant.

    I would like to see an option to disable titans they just ruin the game for me and I would like research to differ from Rebellion in that once research is unlocked you don't lose it if the enemy destroys all of your structures. The Structures can be one shotted by a heavy destroyer or greater and take a very long time to build basically as you start to lose planets and research buildings the enemy 's job just gets easier and easier progressively because you are cut off from any powerful units you unlocked to counter them you are totally handicapped and the UNSC is already under powered.
    1. SeptimusRaven
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      Yea but you DO lose the ability to build specific items if the research buildings are destroyed in the original game too. That's not an issue introduced by this mod. Also, about balance, while it is true that lore-wise the covenant almost annihilated the UNSC with extreme ease due to their ships being just that advanced compared with the human's own ships and attempting to chance any of that would just make the covenant seem wrong. I mean they are simply more Advanced in technology compared with humanity, it's just their thing. Take shields for instance. Humans developed shielding technology quite recently in the Halo universe. A few decades ago most ships and infantry armor didn't have any and relied on composite armor to protect against damage. And they researched shielding by, you guessed it, reverse engineering covenant tech. And it doesn't end there; their ships are also faster, better armed and more reliable than UNSC ones. So yea, it's a bummer than humanity isn't on the top this time but things would only get worse if they fully include the Forerunners as a race with this mod. Because if covenant were hyper advanced compared to humanity, Forerunners would seem godlike by comparison. So yea, take a moment to process all that if you will.

      Also, the AI cheats in the original game too. Depending on the difficulty level, they get increased resource income, faster research, faster construction speed and so on. Unless this mod includes a custom AI then you should know the reason they build and research things much faster than it is possible for human players is because the retail AI is indeed cheating.
  5. oldcontent
    • supporter
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    Very excellent mod I have a question I saw a mod on here for a UI replacement that is like windows 10 metro and im wondering if it is possible to use another UI like that for Sins of the Prophets, the UI would be my biggest gripe.
  6. commando2893
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    10 minutes into a 1v1 skirmish against Easy AI... CCS Class Battlecruiser warps into my homeworld.
    It has 60,000 shields.

    1. deltahalo241
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      What is it? More Brutes?
    2. wienerdawg117
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  7. Hektik303
    • supporter
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    Seriously one of the best mods I've ever played spanning all games. I highly recommend this mod to anyone who loves the Halo Universe, this mod is superb.
  8. survivor686
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    Am unable to load the mod. I followed all the instruction, but the mod refused to startup. I reinstalled my SOSE, redownloaded SOTP, and still the mod didn't start.

    The only thing I could note was that the I couldn't locate the "Mods-Rebellion v1.85" folder. Should I create a new folder and give it this name?
  9. Unikraken
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    1. Helezhelm
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      Finally! About time, now i can download this without fearing download timeout from Moddb.
  10. Richyrichdog
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    outdatet, please delete this faulty mod! Thanks