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SimCity Societies Abridged Mod - version 1c

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    This is the current release of a SCS mod titled "Abridged". This mod is designed to allow the play of 'every other kind of society' (based on every possible combination/tuple of social 'energy'). This mod includes the following new Archetypes (society types):

    [Capitalist (Prosperity)]
    [Fun City (Creativity)]
    [Contemplative (Spirituality)]
    [Authoritarian (Authority)]
    Philosophical (Knowledge) - "I think therefore I am" {build requirements must be relaxed}

    [Cyberpunk (Authority + Prosperity)]
    Monarchy (Authority + Spirituality) - "for the glory of the god and empire" [religious state]
    Nationalist (Authority + Productivity) - "we will follow you / do whatever it takes"
    Communist (Authority + Knowledge) - "knowledge for the good of order" [socialist state]
    Classical (Authority + Creativity) - appreciation of fine art

    Charismatic (Creativity + Productivity) - "social networking put into action"
    Family (Creativity + Prosperity) - "work hard, play hard"
    Inventors (Creativity + Knowledge) - "we will invest in R&D"
    Supernaturalist (Creativity + Spirituality)

    [Romantic (Knowledge + Prosperity)]
    Idealist (Knowledge + Spirituality) - "the one true path"
    Explorers (Knowledge + Productivity) - "we will invest in science"

    Workaholic (Productivity + Prosperity) - "we make money the hard way"
    Evangelical (Productivity + Spirituality)

    Philanthropic (Prosperity + Spirituality) - "we are blessed"