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Female protagonist with cuter face, adjusted proportions and shorts.

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Female protagonist with cuter face, adjusted proportions and shorts.

First time modding a UE4 game, so I made this as a test.

- Fixed the eyelashes being white on the white outfit, and the clipping on the eyes. The eye shadow mesh was positioned incorrectly.

- No shoes because I was too lazy to replace them.
- Mostly removed the effects of aging. Hair color still changes.
- Removed all physics stuff because it didn't seem to be included when I unpacked the model, and I haven't learned how to make new physics yet.
- I fixed the teeth position after taking some screenshots, so the teeth will look better in-game than in the screenshots.
- Disappears during some parts of some cutscenes. I have no idea why.

Unpack the main archive of your choice into Sifu\Content\Paks\~Mods\ or wherever you usually put your Sifu mod files.

Simply delete the mod files.

I would like to emphasize that none of this would've been possible without the hard work of the people listed here.

- Thanks to all modding contributors.
- huckleberrypie for making a tutorial video.
- Sifu Modding Wikiand everything linked off it.
- Other tutorial (which I heard is by Claymaver) with scaling instructions that solved the model not displaying problem that I was stuck on all day.
- uModel by Gildor, and UnrealPak which I think is by this guy.
- Anyone else I've forgotten to list here.

Special thanks to the few people donating, the people reporting problems, and all the people helping out in the forum.