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Basic replacement of moves from some bosses and special enemies

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This mod replaces the Heavy strike after a parry with Fajars heavy side kick, and replaces Hook intercept with the Flashkick spinning kicks!
Also now includes the Flashkicks thrust kick, Fire Disciples Palm strikes and Yangs special 3 hit combo!

To do Fajars kick, Do a heavy after a parry and to do the Flashkick spinning kicks hold Block and Heavy attack at the same time. Make sure you have Hook intercept unlocked in the skill tree!
Fire Disciple palm strike has replaced the default palm strike.
Flashkicks thrust kick has replaced the default Snap kick.
Yangs 3 hit combo has replaced Flowing Claw.
Make sure that you have the relevant skills unlocked!

Place both files from the .zip into your ~mods folder at SIFU\Sifu\Content\Paks\~mods

Will not be compatible with any other file that changes the players moveset.