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Corvo Corvus and Soodlum_Yain

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Wear Wei Shen's default outfit from Sleeping Dogs in Sifu as well as use his base moveset (including custom inputs)

Permissions and credits
This mod includes the Wei Shen outfit as well as the moveset from Sleeping Dogs

I made the moveset while Soodlum_Yain from the Sifu discord server made the outfit

Installation is the same as installing any other mod
(Go to your Sifu install directory (ex. \Epic Games\Sifu\Sifu\Content\Paks). Make a new folder named "~mods" so the new directory is:
\Epic Games\Sifu\Sifu\Content\Paks\ ~mods)

Full Movelist
1st L string: straight jab
2nd L string: mid jab
3rd L string: hook
4th L string: down uppercut
5th L string: spinning backfist

1st H string: shin kick
2nd H string: mid kick

Back breaker AND 1st Light attack and then Heavy: Low 360 Sweep
Push kick: Knee Strike
Roundhouse kick: spin high kick
rising claw: 540 kick

Sweep: flashkick sweep
lightning strikes: back breaker
sharp strikes: disarm
hook intercept: bodyguard tackle
spin hook kick: juggernaut tackle

Special thanks to KiraAAAA from the sifu discord server for sending me the some photomode pics