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Get (half) of the majima experience by using the Majima Thug and Slugger moveset(s)

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Get (half) of the majima experience by using the Majima Thug and Slugger moveset(s), because breaker is just majima on crack, which doesnt exist on sifu, and mad dog of shimano is just that but 10x more crack.

Installation is the same as installing any other mod
(Go to your Sifu install directory (ex. \Epic Games\Sifu\Sifu\Content\Paks). Make a new folder named "~mods" so the new directory is:
\Epic Games\Sifu\Sifu\Content\Paks\ ~mods)

For the slugger style to work you need to pick up a bat

1st Light String -> Flashkick Thrust Punch
2nd Light String -> Flashkick Fast Back Fist
3rd Light String -> Grunt Hook
4th Light String -> Disciple Spin Hook Kick
5th Light String -> Disciple Jump Spin Kick

1st Heavy String Forward -> Disciple High Straight Kick
1st Heavy String Backward -> Fajar Rhino Trample

Push kick -> Khap Choy (stuns)
Rising Claw -> Flashkick Jump Spin Kick
Khap Choy -> Fire Disciple Wheel Kick
Snap Kick -> Grunt Falcon punch
Charged Backfist -> Stomach Punch (stuns) (Stomach Punch Finisher if fully charged)

1st Light String Bat -> Grunt Wide Swing right
2nd Light String Bat -> Grunt Wide Swing left
3rd Light String Bat -> Grunt Down Swing

1st Heavy String Bat -> grunt 2 handed handle hit
3rd Heavy String Bat -> Disciple Wheel Kick