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Can't get enough of the current enemies in the level? no problem! with this mod you can spawn as many enemies as you want!

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Enemy Spawner
This mod allows you to spawn enemies anywhere.

Please read the instructions carefully.This is a Logic Mod, which requires a bit different installation.

Note that this is a WIP, there is a chance that there will be errors or crashes! 

  1. Download the Unrealmodloader from the files section
  2. Extract this somewhere example: (desktop, download,...) folder 
  3. Navigate to where your paks folder is located for this game (you have a folder in there called ~mods)
  4. Create a new folder in the paks folder of the game called LogicMods (need to be the same name!)
  5. In LogicMods, place the EnemySpawnerMod.pak and EnemySpawnerMod.sig file
  6. Go back to the folder where you've extracted Unrealmodloader v2.2.0
  7. Launch UnrealEngineModLauncher.exe
  8. Launch Sifu
  9. Enjoy!

How to use:
  • F12: Hide/show this help screen
  • F2: Spawn grunts from chosen hideout (random)
  • F3: Spawn big guys from chosen hideout (random)
  • F4: Spawn bodyguards from chosen hideout (random)
  • F5: Spawn disciples from chosen hideout (random)
  • F6: Spawn flashkicks from chosen hideout (random)
  • F7: Spawn servants from chosen hideout (random)
  • F8: Spawn bosses from chosen hideout
  • ----------------------------------------------------------
  • These are the keys under the F buttons on your keyboard
  • Num 0: Hideout 0 (Prologue)
  • Num 1: Hideout 1 (Squats)
  • Num 2: Hideout 2 (Club)
  • Num 3: Hideout 3 (Museum)
  • Num 4: Hideout 4 (Tower)
  • Num 5: Hideout 5 (Santuary)
  • Num 6: Create spawn area and hide spawn area
  • (when created, enemies will spawn randomly inside the area so be sure to make it bigger through the help screen!)
  • Num 7: Show debug menu to teleport to levels,...
  • Num 8: Remove spawn area and spawn as before
  • Num 9: Change boss phase (you do this before you spawn the boss)
  • Phase 3 will allow bosses to spawn with their prologue outfit!
  • ----------------------------------------------------------
  • F9: Remove all spawned enemies
  • F10: Spawn most used weapons

Current issues:
  • Some enemies will not move when you spawn a lot, they will move once you hit them.
  • You can't choose an individual enemy to spawn. (for now it's random from the level you've selected)
  • Healthbars of bosses will overlap (there's currently nothing I can do about that)
  • 2nd phase of Kuroki will not have her changed outfit and kunai(s)

Feedback is always appreciated!! (things you want to see changed,...) 

More pictures will be added soon!

Credit pictures:
  • Third pic: Arriss

This mod has been made possible thanks to: Dmgvol and Drillboy Jenkins for helping me figuring out some parts!