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Enjoy a new, fast, flashy moveset that replaces almost all of your barehanded attacks, while still being balanced for regular play. Includes new moves not seen in normal gameplay!

Permissions and credits
The Sifudoka moveset emphasizes kicks, flashy attacks, and move replacements that mimic or enhance your combat abilities in ways that make you a bit more versatile than the normal game. I also went through the effort of digging through the game files and resurrecting old and unused attacks for use by the player, making for a truly new fighting style that takes some influences from almost every enemy and boss in the game, and makes your unlockable techniques more situationally valuable.

Some key replacements include:

Khap Choy (Running Slap) => Fire Disciple bicycle kick, allowing you to open engagements with ferocity and style, while the running sweep is kept as an alternate low/crowd attack. Take care with your aim for this is a highly advanced technique.
Hook Intercept => Sean elbow strike, a highly reslient attack that deals heavy damage and pushes enemies back.
Crooked Foot => Kuroki's bounce kick, allowing you to deal heavy damage after a parry and clear space quickly from your opponents at the same time.
Flowing Claw => Yang's Three Hit Claw punish, another deadly tool in your arsenal to close the distance.

...and plenty more besides. Enjoy a new way to play :)

1.2 Update: Some people have reported that attacks have trouble blocking or avoiding most of the new moves in the moveset. I believe I've fixed this by copying the attack properties of vanilla attacks to the new ones, as it seems that AI relies on these properties for defending against the player.

Drop the .pak and .sig in your Sifu/Content/Paks/~mods folder.

Will not be compatible with other moveset mods, may not be compatible certain mods that modify the player's base animations.