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darkstein350 and Raisinbrand

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This is an OC of darkstein350's that replaces the male default outfit.

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"No one can stop me."


- Lace physics!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you believe it?!!?!?

- Proportions fixed 
- Reference matching

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This is an OC mod made for someone's personal playthrough of Sifu, released to the public. No more time to waste—put those eight long years of prep to use!

Background: "I generally play female characters, so male models are extremely unlikely. Sorry! <:(" — Raisinbrand, 2024
Sometimes we say things we don't mean. Sometimes we jump the gun. Sometimes, we LIE. Anyways, I decided to attempt a male character for some modeling practice, only to discover that Sifu Junior doesn't use the same body type like how Miss Sifu-ette does for all of the other females. This means lining up rigging. GLORIOUS rigging and mesh reshaping. But it's okay. Proportional editing is your friend. And guess what? The shoelaces have physics, so WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST ME?????? GET OUT OF MY HEAD

Based on Yugo Ogami & darkstein350's illustrations. Hopefully he'll post them in the comments so you can see them HINT HINT.

This is a Level 1 Mod:  Being a kitbash, don't expect anything that will stand out or seem too crazy, it's a rather basic mod made not even as a request, but merely because I thought it would be fun. Altering the mesh took quite some time, and because I don't play male Sifu I can only hope I lined the model up well enough to the template to not deform too heavily. Because of how long it took, I sadly did not have the motivation to add the chain on his shorts. I may or may not in the future. Aging is untested, unlike my terminal psychosis, so I don't know what disgusting wrinkling will do to this pure and young heart!! (no offense to my milfs and dilfs)

Please report any issues, but whether I fix them or not depends on when I have the time.

 (click their names, I know you want to)

Musicophile - For teaching me the (much needed) basics. Check out his work: Stylish Sifu & Stylish Sifu 2

Kato - For inspiring me to release my models to the public. He's also an impressive movie-maker, check out his latest cinematic on YouTube.

Huckpie - For letting it go. And being one with the wind and stars. Want to start modeling yourself? Start here.

Dodylectable - Imagine NOT having the templates. Like even for one moment, imagine not having them. Now stop. Wtf are you doing. Why would you even imagine that? Sicko. No-- no, I didn't make you do anything, that was all you.

Dodylectable (again) - because the message above was a bit too unhinged.

 Place the .pak and .sig files in Sifu/Content/Paks/~mods (make one if you don't have a "~mods" folder)

This .pak Replaces the default outfit. PLEASE use with other mods, just to see what happens to your game. Because why tf not??? just kidding, don't.