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An archive of the 90 SMAC/X tech icons, converted from the original PCX format to bitmap for viewing on modern systems.

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This is an archive of the 90 tech icons included in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and its expansion, Alien Crossfire. The icons have been converted from the original PCX to BMP for viewing on modern systems. A spreadsheet is also included which lists which Tech each icon goes with, the type of tech it is considered in-game (Build, Conquer, Discover, or Explore), and the type of tech indicated by the icon's color (which goes unused in-game, and indicates some interesting history of the game's tech tree).

Of special interest are tech024,Inertial Damping and tech070 Global Energy Theory. These two techs are disabled in vanilla versions of the game, but remain fully accessible via alpha.txt and alphax.txt. Their original icons duplicate those used by tech026 Singularity Mechanics and tech075 Sentient Econometrics, respectively, indicating they likely were disabled early in development. Both the original icons, and custom icons that can be used to re-enable them in-game, have been provided here.