She Will Punish Them
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Adds several enhancements to the Free Pose interface: adding more than four characters, setting companion expressions, rotating characters around x and z axis, better horizontal and camera movement, no camera distance limit, and a fix pose saving and loading.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds the following enhancements to the Free Pose UI:

  • lets you (by default) add up to eight characters to the free pose mode
  • lets you set companion expressions
  • adds the ability to rotate characters around the x-axis and z-axis (vanilla only allows y-axis rotation)
  • fixes the buggy horizontal movement, movement now relates exactly to camera look direction
  • increases the default free camera speed and boost speed
  • removes free camera distance limit
  • fixes saving poses for characters other than the player
  • fixes loading poses for characters other than the character for which the pose was saved

You can change the maximum number of characters in the config, but the screen will only fit nine or so boxes.

To rotate around x-axis, hold down the x-axis modifier key (default left shift) while clicking on the rotate button.

To rotate around z-axis, hold down the z-axis modifier key (default left ctrl) while clicking on the rotate button.

To use camera movement boost hold down left shift (this is set by the game).


A config file BepInEx/config/aedenthorn.EnhancedFreePose.cfg is created after running the game once with this mod.

You can adjust the config values by editing this file using a text editor.


This mod requires BepInEx to be installed for SWPT.  Detailed instructions on installing BepInEx are here.

If you are on Windows, you will need the x64 or x86 version based on your architecture, found here:

Unpack the zip file, and place the contents in the game's root folder (beside the game's .exe file).

To install this mod, place the contents of its zip file in the BepInEx/plugins folder (create it if the folder doesn't exist).

Code is at

If you want to complain or ask for help or help me test my mods, you can visit my Discord server.