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In May we announced our Donation Points system for mod authors on Nexus Mods. The premise of the system is (relatively) simple, each month Nexus Mods has committed to donating $6,000 - $10,000 from our own funds towards a donation pool for mod authors to benefit from. If you'd like to read more about the Donation Points system please read our launch news post and our FAQs section.

Today we have launched a Patreon donation page to crowdfund a supplement to our donation pool so that our site users can also contribute to the system. Thus, whatever you, the users, raise on Patreon each month will go towards the next month's mod author Donation Points pool, on top of what Nexus Mods is already putting into the pool that month.

We're keeping it simple. There is one tier, with one purpose! Pledges go from you straight to our modding community and every penny you donate (except for Patreon and PayPal processing fees that we have no control over) will go towards the Donation Pool for mod authors.

We are a site built by modders, for modders, with the sole focus of providing the best support we can for our modding community of various video games. If you're a regular user of mods on Nexus Mods and would like to give something back to the mod authors who provide all their work free of charge, this is a great way to do it!

Any amount helps the mod author community and our one and only tier is open-ended starting from as little as $1.

Please be aware, this does not replace any sort of direct donation you can make to mod authors. If you'd rather donate directly to a specific mod author, nothing has changed! This is simply a way normal users of the site can donate towards all mod authors who have opted their mods into the donation system.


  1. Mookeylama
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    ok, just gave 100.00.  Hope that starts this initiative out nicely! it's a great idea. a big thank you to all the mod authors out there! bless ya. 
    give it up folks!
    1. BigBizkit
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      That is very very generous. Thank you very much, Mookeylama!
    2. JDAnchor
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      We appreciate your financial support. You are amazing!
  2. Iglix
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    As someone already mentioned, that support authors really did not convey to me what is going on and only reason I clicked on it was because paypal decided to continuously throw 10 errors in row when I was trying to send donation. Without that I would probably ignore it not even realizing what is going on.

    I have no idea what better term then "Support Authors" to use. Things like "Community Support" or similiar are just as lacking.

    What would have grabed my attention though would be if for lets say first six months of that patreon you had "New" text in front of that pateron sign. Possibly flashing in some non-distractive colours (something like dark yellow to dark blue and back) to increase chance that visitors of this site will notice that something changed recently.
  3. zlycher
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    Just setup my donation! I really hope this starts a groundswell of goodwill that will put beer money (or more) in every modder's pocket.
  4. jahera2009
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    Is this and the introduction of donation points somehow related to the captcha on login i keep seeing?

    Is it really necessary to have to go through three sets of bs to log in?
  5. Locaster
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    Congratulations Dark0ne is remarkable is admirable for his actions to help and value the work of modders, it was a great idea for Patreon and Dps. Not for the value itself, but for the effort to value the modders of the site.

    While those who criticize are selfish and nothing more to say, at least they should shut up. If you do not agree, not participating is simple.

    Keep up the good work
  6. Mookeylama
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    In response to post #60935747.


    Yeah, I believe it is. I'm not going to lie, that part is a little confusing. It says "Support Nexus Mods without selecting a reward" but we obviously don't want it to say that as the Patreon isn't for us, it's for mod authors. Unfortunately, we can't change that text (or turn off that custom pledge) from what I can see.

    Basically -- whatever gets sent in via that Patreon page, no matter how it's pledged WILL go the donation pool.

    dang, nope. i tried to give 70 but the custom is still set up for monthly reoccurring. shouldn't be this tough