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Have added \\\\\\\'tattoos\\\\\\\' that are placed in cyberware slots to help give adepts a leg up on street sams that don\\\\\\\'t have to pay karma for chi casting, plus have access to cyberware:

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This is a cooked pack, and should be useable with Deadman\\\'s Switch or other cooked packs.

Note that skill requirements on cyberware are \\\'broken\\\' right now. Will hopefully be fixed in a patch.

Contains gear list: merchant_Magic_Tattoo
to make adding them to a merchant easy

use cyberware screen to install


Eyes: 1000Y
+1 Cha, +1 Conjuring (Req: 3 conjuring)
+1 summoning, +1 control (Req: 3 summoning)
+1 Willpower, +1 spellcastino (Req: 3 spell casting)


Arms: 1000Y (Req: 4 Chi Casting)
+1 ranged combat
+1 strength
+1 close combat
+1 melee combat


Legs: 1000Y (Req: 4 Chi Casting)
+1 dodge
+1 movement
+1 unarmed combat
+5 HP


Body: 5000 Y (Req: 6 Chi Casting)
Heal self for 20HP, cooldown 4
0 AP wired reflex dodge
2 armor, -1 damage reduction
+10 accuracy


So, for example, a gun focused adept might go for:

Arms: +2 Ranged Combat
Legs: +2 Dodge
And whatever body tattoo looked interesting.

The Chi Casting requirements are reasonably high so that it\\\'s painful to dip into chi casting just to get the ability to install tattoos.

Added the mage focused tattoo that fit in the cybereye slot in case you are using my costume mod, and feel that mages needed the +1 abilities provided by their costumes.