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This resource pack gives you 50 new prop cars to use in the editor. The cars come in new and worn versions.

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THE CAR LOT version 1.0


This is a resource pack with 50 new prop cars for modders and UGC creators. The cars come in new and worn versions.

The cars can be found under "barrens" and "vehicle" in the editor.

The perspective isn't perfectly 45 degree isometric for all of them, but it comes close enough not to be too noticeable (check the pictures!). The directions the car face are in most cases not directly north, south, west and east. They are not of Shadowrun lore, but share a general futuristic look. Since the game more or less lacks cars completely, I feel non-lore friendly cars parked in off angles beats no cars at all.

There is also a Car Lot billboard and sign included in the pack. They are found under "barrens" and "signs".

The content pack includes a showcase scene, where you can walk around and see what the cars look like in game.

Available both in "cooked" and "uncooked" versions.


If you have the Steam version of the game: Unzip the downloaded .zip file in My Documents\Shadowrun Returns\Content Packs OR in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Shadowrun Returns\Shadowrun_Data\StreamingAssets\ContentPacks. The editor looks in both places for content packs, so it doesn't really matter where you chose to install it.

If you have the DRM-free version of the game: Unzip the downloaded .zip file in C:\Users\*current user*\AppData\Local\Harebrained Schemes\Shadowrun Returns\ContentPacks. Note that the AppData is hidden per default, so you may have to go to Control Panel>Appearance and Personalization>Folder Options and change the settings to show hidden folders. Also, I *believe* you can install the pack in the My Documents location above (the same as for Steam version users), but I don't have the DRM-free version and therefore can't test it.


Feel free to include the pack, or parts of it, in your UGC. That's what it's here for! Just credit me.

Car List

Audi 2 seater by Jochem Hinloopen
Audi Avatar by Edwin Conan
Audi ASQ by Juyoung Kim
Audi RSQ by Julian Hönig, Audi AG (as seen in the feature film I, Robot)
Acura GSX by Jeremy Burgess
BMW Sequence GT by Seungmo Lin
Bladerunner Spinner courtesy of Warner Bros. (as seen in the feature film Bladerunner)
Ekon (called Pinel Ekon in the editor) by Thomas Pinel
Lexus 2054 by Lexus, a division of Toyota Motor Company (as seen in the feature film Minority Report)
Mercedes-Benz BIOME by Mercedes-Benz AMG
Michelin Vieria by Gunwoong Kim and Suji Kim
Peugeot 360 by Andrei França
Peugeot 4002 by Stefan Schulze
Peugeot 888 by Oskar Johansen
Peugeot Cub by Ka Dan
Peugeot RC Hybrid by Peugeot SA
Peugeot RD by Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar
Peugeot Sphera by Niels Grubak Iversen
Police Scarab by Carl Archambeault
Saab 9-3 Phoenix by Jason Castriota
Solaris and unnamed 2 seater (called Keefe Edmund in the editor) by Edmund Keefe
Toyota Hybrid X by Toyota Motor Corporation
Volkswagen Aqua by Yuhan Zhang


McDougle for the excellent Create Prop Guide, which I followed to create the prop cars.
Harebrained Schemes for making the game.
Robin and the Nexus.