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A roleplay-heavy campaign in Montreal about an employee working at Cross Applied Technology.
BETA. Act 1=2 Completed and in need of feedback.

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The Clean Fire is a module that follow an employee working at Cross Applied Technology. His daily routine is tossed aside when a shadowrunner break into the facility where he is working.

This is the campaign I created for Shadowrun Returns. It is a work in progress and it is approximately 40% done. It may be disappointing to have a unfinished product like that, but it is important for me to publish it before completion for two reasons.

The first and most important one is motivation. My main drive in this project is to know someone somewhere is maybe having fun with this module I created. Creation in a vacuum is boring and meaningless. So if you enjoyed it, please let me know through the Nexus or the Shadowrun.com forums. It will help me immensely. And if you didn't like it, I need to know that too. Bonus points if you tell me why you didn't.

The second reason is that I desesperately need feedback about everything. I need to know what you think about the storyline, about the characters, the universe I created, the maps. Everything. I need help to find the typos I could have left. English is a second language to me, so some stuff may even be gibberish and I don't know it yet. Is the difficulty too hard or too easy? There is a lot of stuff I need to know and it's hard to have hindsight when you know the module by heart in every details.

What it contains right now :

- Act 1 and 2 finished.
- A hub
- 3 sidequests with multiple endings and repercussion on the hub.
- 5 mostly fledged runners to hire.

What it is aiming to be :

- A stand alone campaign with a full storyline in 3 acts.
- A hub with 4-5 side quests with branching endings, repercussion on the hub and technical bonuses.
- 5 fully fledged companion runners with their own story arc each.

Design philosophy

- Quality over Quantity. I plan to aim small, but polish it the best I can.
- Roleplay possibility. The Intro is pretty straightforward, but I aim to give more and more control to the player. When things are more railroaded, the player can give multiple motivations to his character to follow the path I designed.
- The shadowrun universe is a harsh world of moral ambiguity. The player must be confronted with difficult dilemna with no clear good or evil answer. No Paragon interrupt or Charisma check to bypass that and make everyone happy.
- For the most part, problems must have multiple solutions. Charisma-Decker-Spirits-Everything. It is not a combat only module.
- Your action affects the world around you. Every quest have at least 1 direct consequence on the module town.

What help I need from you.

- Your opinion on difficulty. Achieving balance is one of my main weakness and I know it.
- Comments on the writing. English is a second language to me and having a compelling story is one of my most important goal on this module.
- Details on your personal experience in the module at large. Was it fun? Was it boring? Was there something you didn't understand?
- Comments on the lore. Is everything I invented lore-friendly? It is something important to me.
- Help with bugs. There is surely plenty, but it is harder and harder to see them the longer time I pass on the module. It is hard to have hindsight when you are knee deep in every details.
- Any comments on every subject is going to be very useful, so please don't hold back.

Right now, I am only using the original game assets. So it will be compatible with people owning only Dead's Man Switch.
It is also Dragonfall compatible.

How to install

Since I can't be more precise than the wiki, here's a link :
Shadowrun Returns Wikia

If this doesn't solve your problem and you need additional help, feel free to send me a private message or post about your problem and I'll do my best to help you.

Version history

If you want detailed explanation of every version and every change I make, you can go the the Shadowrun forums right here :
Shadowrun UGC forums

This is where I document most of my modifications.