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0 essence cost datajack with a multitude of cheats

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Backup original berlin_datajack.item.bytes first!!!

Extract to your Shadowrun Returns/Shadowrun_Data/StreamingAssets/ContentPacks/berlin/data/items/ directory and overwrite the existing file. Always back up any original files before replacing them

What the cheat does:

10   Body
10   Quickness
10   Strength
10   Charisma
10   Intelligence
10   Willpower

5    Reaction
5    Initiative
5    Armor
5    Damage Reduction

100  Hitpoints

6    Action Points
8    Movement Speed
5    Magic Action Points
5    Decking Action Points

+25% Accuracy
+25% Decking Accuracy

Reduced chance for spirits to escape control (I think)

This cheat can't raise stats above the game's max.  So if you're a troll with max strength, your strength can't get any higher.  But you can raise your intelligence up to the max for an elf, even if you're a troll.

You can buy this from whatever cyberdocs sell the basic datajack.  If it is the correct datajack, it will say CHEAT at the end of the description.

The datajack you start the game with can be upgraded to this, but I don't know if you can upgrade from more expensive models to this one or not.  If people actually use this cheat I can make a version that you can upgrade to later in the game.

Made with DigitalPigeon's SRR Binary Data Editor

Made for the Shadowrun Returns Dragonfall campaign

Happy Cheating :-)

update: 1.01
fixed a bug that made magic and decking cost extra AP instead of less