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Two UGC Maps (a safehouse and a city) for incorporation into any UGC that needs them.

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Since I don't have the time to finish my own UGC (it took me probably 50 hours to learn the editor and make these two maps, and they needed much more polish than I have given them for my own story, and I wasn't even up to meeting Mr. Johnson yet), especially since I am trying to help the SNES Reboot guys, so I figured I would offer up the two UGC maps I already created for anyone that wants them for their own UGC. I made a short video and uploaded it to youtube of me giving an overview of the two maps as well as talking about my experiences with the editor itself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vdy8KKQ7P7k . I hope someone (or several someones) can get some use out of either the whole maps, or just buildings or things I have created.