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Part 1 (Physical Adepts). Made as an Adept gameplay overhaul.
Adds dozen of Chi Casting spells, weapons and abilities.

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About The Grimoire (part 1: Physical Adepts):

This is a data only UGC made as a total conversion of the Physical Adept's gameplay. All the existing Chi Casting spells have been rewritten, or removed. In this UGC, adepts may choose between

15 new Chi Casting spells
10 new player outfits
5 new melee weapons
5 adept ways (+ the Hermetic Tradition).
Among other things, this UGC also features unique combat abilities (Unarmed, Edged, and Throwing Blades), and tweaks summoned spirits vulnerabilities (Eg: Fire Spirit are immune to Fire damage).

About The Grimoire and its future updates:

The Grimoire (part 1) an update of the old SME: Chi Casting mod, but it should also be the first piece of a magic overhaul UGC. However, even if Grimoire 0.1 is an update of an older UGC, it is in a way very different from the original. This is why it should be considered as a Beta test UGC.

Any help testing this UGC (with bug reports, game balance discussions, English writing issues, and various ideas) shall be greatly appreciated. Thanks you in advance for your feedback. With your cooperation, the final GRIMOIRE will provide a much better gaming experience. Since I'm not checking for messages here so often, please report anything you like here http://www.shadowrun.com/forums/discussion/38911/dragonfall-adept-mod#Item_1

Note that this UGC has the name of a Shadowrun PnP supplement, but despite my efforts to keep it close to the original, this is not my top priority: SRR gameplay and resources comes first ... Still I'm open to requests and suggestions