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In this page you'll find each Utna's SME modules in text and bytes format

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On this page you'll be able to download each of my SME modules in text and bytes format. There will be a discussion tab dedicated to each one of them. Feel free to leave any comments: even critics are good to hear !

What is a SME module ?

SME modules are data only content packs adding features to the game like abilities and items ; though they're following a specific philosophy:

1/ Compatibility: each SME modules are compatible with each others. This means they will have their own dedicated theme. Also, they should not overwritte anything yet in the game, nor they shall use limited ressources (like blanck status conditions).

2/ Simplicity: thanks to the already available "SME: vanilla merchants" mod, SME module can be seen as bricks to be added or removed at the user's own convenience. Meaning that when a UGC is build with the Vanilla merchant mod, anyone can, afterwards, add SME modules to it from the Content pack dependencies screen, in the game's editor (Once there is a couple more SME module around, I'll try to make a real tuto to explain how)

3/ Open Source and No Monopoly: each SME module's txt files will be published somewhere (here on Nexus sounds good), as a shared ressource for further modifications. So anyone can take those files, modify them (completely or even slighty, it doesn't matter) and re-publish it under their name (Eg: Myname's SME Chi Casting). This is totally fair since the goal of SME modules is to offer as much options as possible to the users ... variety and choices are good !