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Adds new lighting and postprocessing effects to Shadowrun with little to no loss of performance. If you can run in game FXAA then this mod will have almost zero impact on your performance. ULO is compatible with all mods than make changes to Shadowrun in game.

Permissions and credits

Simple Installation Instructions:
Pick the preset you want (Lite, High, Ultra) and extract all the files from that folder into
your Shadowrun Folder (The one with Shadowrun.exe). Disable all in game and driver enabled AA.


Make sure you have the latest version of DirectX:

nVidia Laptop users will need this otherwise Optimus will not work:

Also please note:
Any overlay programs such as nVidia Injector, EVGA Precision or early versions of fraps may interfere with SweetFX.


Latest Update:

Update 1: Release 1.0.0

Main Description

The Skyrim file of the Month of July 2013 is now available for Shadowrun Returns!

The Ultimate Lighting Overhaul (ULO) is a labor of love that will enhance the lighting of Shadowrun while respecting the original aesthetic. ULO is a carefully crafted config for SweetFX that adds lighting and postprocessing effects to Shadowrun in a way that will not destroy your framerate and enhances color, shadows, brightness, light sources and enhanced SMAA while respecting the original aesthetic.

There are 3 quality pre-sets for ULO. Lite, High, Ultra. The difference is as follows:

Lite: Tonemap, Vibrance, Curves
High: SMAA High Quality, Sharpening, Tonemap or Sepia, Vibrance, Curves
ultra: SMAA Ultra Quality, Sharpening, Tonemap or Sepia, Vibrance, Curves, HDR

Performance usage difference on a GTX 580:

Lite: 2% GPU
High: 6% GPU
Ultra: 11% GPU

There are also 3 Aesthetic Styles to choose from. Enhanced. Fantasy and Grim.

Enhanced works to improve everything about Skyrim without making any truly dramatic changes.
Shadows will be a little darker, lights will be a little brighter and colors will be slightly more colorful.

Fantasy offers the improvements of Enhanced while making the world far more colorful.

Grim offers the improvements of Enhanced while making the world far more dark and less colorful.



ULO Settings Config by VoidNull

With special thanks to:
Billyshakers for his work and research on getting ULO to run with ENB.
Kodiak123 for his work and research on getting ULO to run with ENB.
Alantor for their tireless enthusiasm, research and support. Alanator has also been an amazing help to me in just how much they have gone out of their way to help other users with their problems.
TehKaoZ for their support of this mod both enthusiasm and in helping people with technical difficulties.
nu4nc3 for telling me know about some issues with ULO and Exterior Fog Revamped (and interior fog removal).
SnQQpyDog for helping troubleshoot users problems.

And everyone else who has helped answer peoples questions, troubleshoot issues or helped raise awareness about ULO.

If your name is not in the special thanks section, it is not because I do not appreciate you, its because I am bad with names.

Please note:
ULO uses SweetFX. SweetFX was created by CeeJayDK and Older versions of ULO made use of the modified version of SweetFX by Boulotaur2024.

Uses SMAA. Copyright (C) 2011 by Jorge Jimenez, Jose I. Echevarria,
Belen Masia, Fernando Navarro and Diego Gutierrez.
- More info on:

Uses FXAA by Timothy Lottes (Nvidia)
- His blog:

Uses InjectSMAA by Andrej Dudenhefner ( mrhaandi )

Uses shaders from FXAATool by Violator, [some dude], fpedace, BeetleatWar1977 and [DKT70]

DPX shader by Loadus

Border shader by Oomek - rewritten and optimized by

Advanced CRT shader by cgwg, Themaister and DOLLS - ported to SweetFX by Boulotaur2024.

Lift Gamma Gain shader by 3an and

Cartoon by, but based on the Auto Toon cg shader found in the Dolphin emulator.

SweetFX, LumaSharpen, Dither, Curves, Vibrance , Monochrome and Splitscreen by Christian Cann Schuldt Jensen ( )