Shadowrun Returns
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A father lost his daughter, a serial killer who was killed two years ago makes a return and the start of the tensions in Seattle\'s Ork Underground.

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The ork groaned as he sat up in bed, pushing the heavy covers off of himself. Sun streamed through the windows, and he fumbled on the nearby nightstand nearby for his glasses. He needed to get corrective surgery, but had just never made the time. Slipping the wire frames on he squinted at the bedside clock. 08:55. He mumbled to himself and staggered out of bed. In his forty years he’d never been a morning person, and he didn’t feel like he was ever going to adjust to it now. While making his way to the bathroom, his commlink chirped, and the icon showed a laughing coyote. With a grimace, he answered the call.
“Johnny.” The ork said flatly. “Lemme guess. You ain’t been to bed yet.”
“You know it!” The voice on the other end said cheerfully. “Was heading there soon, but wanted to touch base and see how things were going for you out there. My offer still stands, you know.”
“I know, and I appreciate it. But things are fine. Billy’s settled in, starting running with his own crew. Rebecca’s doing fantastic in school. And hell, being a fixer is cake. I sit back, make a few phone calls, meet with a few uppity young runners too big for their britches, and let the money roll in. It sure beats the drek outta getting shot.”
“Or being hounded by a dragon.” Johnny replied. Even with no vid-feed on the comm call, the ork could see him grinning. “Or being hunted by bug spirits. Or—“
“Ok, ok, enough. Yes. It’s much better. I already said that.” Irritation flooded his voice. “It’s early and I just woke up, chumnmer. What did you need?”
“I’m gonna be in town in a couple days on biz. Figured I’d crash on your couch, let you buy me some beer.”
“Yeah, sure. Xuxa going to be… Hold up. I got another call, I should take it. Be right back.” The ork mentally put Johnny’s comm call on hold, and answered the other line.
“Hoi Tosh, what’s up?” He listened to the voice on the other end for several minutes, then hung up numbly. His legs rubbery, he stumbled back to sit on the edge of the bed.
“Bull?” Johnny’s voice came through the comm. “You there? I think we got cut off.”
“I’m here Johnny.” Bull replied, his voice devoid of emotion. “I…I need to call Marie. That was a friend at Knight Errant. It… She…” Bull’s voice cracked and tears rolled down his face.“Rebecca’s dead.”