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Short tutorial scenario about built-in stealth mechanics in the Shadowrun Returns trilogy.

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Ever wanted to know just why the Stealth Suit just ain't stealth? And weren't shadowrunners supposed to run in the shadows? Stealth mechanics were left half-implemented in the series, but here these questions are brought to light in a re-imagined Harfeld Manor run. No triggers were used to create stealth. And yes, you get a stealth suit that actually works.

How to install:

Once you have a file from another GM, you need to put it where the Game engine can find it. This will vary depending on your operating system:

Windows Published Content Packs should be saved here:
C:\Users\*current user*\AppData\Local\Harebrained Schemes\*game client*\ContentPacksIt is recommended to create a shortcut to this folder if you are making your way through lots of UGCNote: \AppData\ is a hidden folder by default

OSX Published Content Packs should be saved here:
Users/*current user*/Library/Application Support/Harebrained Schemes/Shadowrun Returns/Content PacksNote: /Library/ is a hidden folder by default

Linux Published Content Packs should be saved here:
/home/*current user*/Shadowrun Returns/Shadowrun_Data/StreamingAssets/ContentPacks

When you put the file in place, and launch the game, you should see the new story available under NEW GAME.