Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

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Sekiro Challenge Run mod which includes 6 fun presets and a program to generate custom runs. It builds up poison, burn, terror, or enfeeble on Wolf either constantly or while he is on the ground.

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"The Floor is Status" is a highly configurable mod for Sekiro 1.06 which inflicts status effects on Wolf constantly. Some versions of the mod only apply effects while he's standing on what the game considers a "floor", which is basically any permanent standing place, which also includes the surface and bottom of bodies of water. It excludes jumping, grappling, and hanging from a ledge. Some actions like opening doors and deathblows also grant Wolf temporary invincibility.

The mod includes 6 preset challenge runs:
  • The Floor is Poison: all floors are turned to poison swamp type for the player, but jumping/ledge hanging/etc prevents buildup
  • The Floor is Fire: all floors build up burn status effect (240% damage multiplier)
  • The Floor is Terror: all floors build up terror, by default taking 45 seconds to fill up, also Pacifying Agents are slightly nerfed
  • The Floor is Enfeebling: all floors build up enfeeble, by default taking 25 seconds to fill up. This is probably the most unique run.
  • Permanent Fire: burn status effect constantly (160% damage multiplier), basically an easier Permanent Poison
  • Permanent Poison: poison status effect constantly

Thanks to TKGP, Pav, and Meowmaritus for creating the parts of SoulsFormats used by this mod.

Source code and alt download:

- thefifthmatt

There are three different ways to use the mod. They all require placing files in specific locations using Sekiro Mod Engine. This assumes you've unzipped the mod and that you've placed the "floor" folder into the same directory as "Sekiro.exe", so that the README file is at "Sekiro\floor\README.txt".

1. Use a preset
These are the directories with status effect names. In rough increasing order of difficulty:

poison < fire < terror < enfeeble < permafire < permapoison

poison and fire are fairly similar. poison is just the poison swamp effect without slow-walk. fire is based on standing in fire, but with the actual standing-in-fire damage removed and the tick damage buffed instead. terror and enfeeble both offer their own interesting challenges. The effects take effect either at the very beginning of the game or once you reach the Moon-View Tower.

Difficulty tuning suggestions are appreciated. I've gotten from the tutorial up to Gyoubu on all of these (with many side excursions in some cases). permapoison seems like the most difficult at the start, since I haven't yet beat Gyoubu with it. My testing assumed NG+0 and charm/no bell.

To install any of these, either edit modengine.ini to refer to the status folder, relative to where Sekiro.exe is located (set e.g. modOverrideDirectory="\floor\poison"), or otherwise, copy the "event" and "param" folders into your current mod directory. If there are conflicts, see option 3.

Each preset provides its own floorconfig.ini which was used to generate it. Those files are only for reference and modifying the configs doesn't do anything without the program.

2. Make a custom variant
Inside the "custom" folder, there is a program called FloorMod.exe. If you run this, it will edit its "event" and "param" folders to install the modifications specified in floorconfig.ini. The program can be run multiple times and the game should be restarted every time for it to take effect.

Like with step 1, using the modified files requires either setting modOverrideDirectory="\floor\custom" or copying the "event" and "param" folders into a different mod directory, if that doesn't cause conflicts.

3. Merge with other mods
If there's a conflict from editing the same file in a different mod, you'll need to run FloorMod.exe in that other mod folder. This requires the Defs\ folder to exist, a floorconfig.ini, and both param\gameparam\gameparam.parambnd.dcx and event\common.emevd.dcx.

Note that FloorMod.exe creates backups. If a .bak file doesn't already exist, it will create one.