Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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Unintrusive and straightforward way to hotkey combat arts and instantly switch between prosthetics with hotkeys. Supports as many hotkeys as you want with full customizability.

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A dinput8 hook which lets you hotkey combat arts at your leisure to switch between on the fly. Also lets you select prosthetic tools on demand.
It's fast, it's safe, it's straightforward and the options are customizable via a file included in the download. Explanations included as well.

Default keys are as follows:
1, 2, 3 - Select prosthetic tools.
4, 5, 6 - Save / select combat arts.
G - Perform combat art.
Left Ctrl - Modifier key. Holding it while pressing the combat art keys unassigns them and lets you save another in their place.

You can assign combat arts to keys by simply pressing the key with a combat art selected. If you have nothing saved on that slot yet, the currently selected one will be saved regardless of you being in the menu or not. If you are in the menu and you press the key for a slot you already saved something into, it will be overwritten.

Keys can also be manually unassigned by holding the Modifier key and pressing the respective selection key as well.

The 6 key does not support saving, it always equips the one you have equipped in the menu.
Additionally, pressing ESC to bring up the menu resets your currently in-use combat art to the one you have equipped. This is NOT optional, if the functionally equipped combat art doesn't match the one equipped in the menu when you swap it, you will lose them forever on that save file.

If you are using a controller, map your controller keys to press the respective keyboard keys with a third party tool. Absolutely make sure you bind your Start button to ESC on the keyboard, otherwise you're going to lose your combat arts on your save file. Make sure to back them up before experimenting (located in %appdata%/Sekiro).

The keys can be changed to whatever you like, a list of key codes is included in the ini file for convenience.
For the combat art hotkeys, you can add as many as you want by just enumerating them as Key3, Key4, Key5, Key6, etc as long as you want, they just need a keybind assigned to them.
If you add more hotkeys for combat arts or change them, make sure to possibly change the base combat art hotkey in the category below it.

Drop the content of the downloaded archive into the "Sekiro" folder next to sekiro.exe.
That's it.

If you have ModEngine installed, rename the dinput8.dll from this mod to whatever you want and add it to the chain loader line in the ModEngine configuration file.
Similarly if you have more mods that use dll hooks you can set up a dll chain with this one in the configuration file as well.

Hocter - Finding the byte array for the stored variables.
blackguard - Testing.