Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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About this mod

This mod reduces damage on wolf and gives you infinite spirit emblem. It makes few basic items infinite to use, and gives you a self-healing power. Totally suport for Sekiro 1.06.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a merge of Difficulty Adjustment - Damage Control and No Spirit Emblem Cost (Compatible with latest patch) 

Also, this mod adds elemental resist, so no fear, fire, toxic or senility can kill you, you are almost unkillable if you choose 90% damage off. It doesn't change thunder damage, fall damage and enviromental fire damage.

This mod is meant to make your practice less painful, you don't have to see lots of death words or get interrupted and reload many times when you practice.
Now adding multiple difficulties to make your journey interesting and happy,

Totally support for Sekiro 1.06 new fuctions like Reflection of Strength (the official main bosses rush mod).

What are the changes exactly?

Damage taken - 10%-90% off
Resist - about tripled tolerant and doubled recovery, 10 times recovery with the 90% version
Self healing -  you need to learn the latent skill Shinobi Eyes to unlock this power, it will heal you automatically every second for 1% of your health and posture(1%/s).
Infinite spirit emblem
Infinite basic items - Devine Confetti, Ceramic shard. Fistful of Ash, Oil, Snap Seed, Antidote Powder, Dousing Powder, Ministry Dousing Powder, Pacifying Agent, Eel Liver, Contact Medicine, All sugars, Taro persimmon,  Red Lump; you don't have to pay for those anymore
Spell lasting time - flame vent weapon enchant 7.5 seconds => 3 mins, Lazulite flame enchant 20 seconds => 3 mins,  Devine Confetti 1 min => 3 mins, Ungo's Sugar 30 seconds=> 3 mins, Bestowal Ninjutsu 30 seconds=> 3 mins, Taro persimmon 30 seconds=> 3 mins
Spell effect - Using Red Lump will enpower you with a Bestowal Ninjutsu enchant(blood drain, this is just for fun, this gives power to fight multiple enemies)
Vender - you can buy ininite Persimmons from the vender at Senpou Temple , Shugendo This just prevent you eat your persimmons and unable to see another ending.

What else I need to know?

I do not recommend to use this or any easy mod, if this is your first time playing Sekiro. We all know the first time is very important, it will give you great fulfillment if you can finish the game by youself, unless you really do not intersted with the challenge, normally people spent 50-150hours to finish the first game. Don't worry if you try hard and stuck on a boss, just do daily boss pratice for hours and go sleep, your skill will be better after sleep, and learning strategy is important. I recommend to use this at NG+, this mod is mainly made for practice.

What did not change?

All changes has been mentioned above, the rest all left vanilla.
No boss changes.
No attack power changes.
No map changes.
No quest changes.
No enemy changes.

Sekiro Mod Engine

Put the fold into sekiroroot>\mods\           (\mods\param\gameparam).

Thank you and have fun. Enjoy the game!